1. Download, read and understand the HSVOC Historic & Classic Registration Rules. If you proceed to apply for the Club’s Historic Vehicle Registration, it will be on the basis that you have read, comply and agree to the conditions therein.

2. Click here to download RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form 1259 and then complete it. For new registration you will also require a separate Change of Records Form (1021)  to apply for inclusion in the 60-day log book trial, Click here to download Form 1021.

3. Have current insurance, (minimum of Third Party Property) or Full Comprehensive Insurance for your vehicle and provide details on Form HR 01.

4. Obtain a vehicle report (Pink Slip) from an authorised inspection station.

5. Complete the Historic Registration Inspection/Eligibility Check List Form HR 01. Click here to download Form HR 01.

6. For Historic Registration RENEWAL please also include a completed copy of your HR 03 Log Sheet as proof of attending 3 club events in the previous 12 months. Click here to download Form HR 03.

7. Contact the Historic & Classic Plate Registrar and arrange to bring the vehicle in for an Eligibility Inspection to confirm that the vehicle is eligible for Historic registration.
Bring with you your:
(a) Completed RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form (1259)
(b) Insurance cover note
(c) Pink Slip
(d) Current Club Membership card
Once successfully inspected, the Historic & Classic Plate Registrar will sight the above documents then sign and stamp your RMS 1259 Form and retain the HR 01 and HR 03 forms for the Club records.

8. Take the Pink Slip, current HSVOC membership card and completed/stamped RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form 1259 to an RMS Motor Registry and apply for Conditional Registration. Note that CTP insurance, provided by QBE Insurance, is issued as part of the conditional registration and only applies if the vehicle is being driven on a road, or road related area, in Australia. Advise the RMS Clerk that you want to participate in the Log Book Scheme. Click here then scroll down for RMS Conditional Registration costs.

9. To complete your Club Historic Vehicle Registration process, please then scan and email a copy of your Historic Vehicle registration form to the Historic & Classic Plate Registrar at historics@hsvclubnsw.com to be placed in the HSVOC Historic Vehicle file.

To print a copy of these instructions in pdf, please click here.

Historic & Classic Plate Registrar:

Phone: 0411 019 112
Email: historics@hsvclubnsw.com