RMS registers Historic and Classic vehicles under the Conditional Registration scheme, which provides the vehicle with limited access to the road network and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance cover. Historic and Classic vehicles registered under this scheme are exempt from the payment of stamp duty, motor vehicle tax and national charges.

Historic or Classic Vehicle (or “Club”) Registration is only an option if the registered operator of the vehicle is a member of an RMS recognised conditional registration scheme club such as ours and the vehicle’s use of the road network is conditional.

A vehicle eligible for Club registration through the HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc HDT) Inc must be 30 years of age or older as from the year of manufacture and be owned by a member of the HSVOC.

Vehicles applying for Historic Vehicle Registration must be as close to original condition as possible, and comply with RMS requirements for “Historic Vehicle” Conditional Registration.

Vehicles applying for Classic Vehicle Registration must provide a blue slip with their application which is less than 42 days old.

Owners of eligible vehicles will need to make arrangements with the Registrar to bring the vehicle to an agreed meeting or event for inspection to check that the vehicle is eligible for Club registration. It is recommended that this is done before any other steps are taken towards obtaining Historic Registration.

HSV Owners Club of NSW Rules require the owner of an HSV Historic/ Classic plated vehicle to attend a minimum of three (3) club events in a registration year as a requirement to retain HSV Historic/Classic registration. The Club registered vehicle must attend 1 event as agreed with the Registrar to ensure it maintains eligibility for Club registration.

Eligible events are listed in the HSV Owners Club magazine, on the HSV Owners Club of NSW webpage or Facebook page, including meeting nights, social outings, competition events etc.

For each registration year, please keep a record on your vehicle’s Log Sheet of all events which have been attended and present it to the Historic & Classic Plate Registrar at the time of registration renewal. Please click here to download a copy of the HR 03 Historic or Classic Vehicle Log Sheet.

If you have multiple cars, the 3 events can be carried out in any of those vehicles.

Your vehicle will need to be inspected annually by the Historic & Classic Plates Registrar or his nominee. Please click here to download a copy of the HR 01 Historic or Classic Vehicle Inspection Sheet.

Council of Motor Clubs

Originally affiliated with the Albury based Southern Motoring Group, our Club became affiliated with the Sydney based Council of Motor Clubs NSW on 28th May 2019. The CMC, like the SMG, represents affiliated clubs and their members with authorities such as the Roads & Maritime Services Authority of NSW with reference to Conditional Historic Registration; the Federal Government on matters such as leaded fuel and its continued availability, and such like.

The CMC is not a “controlling” body; it may issue guidelines or advice on an issue when requested, but it will never tell an affiliated club like ours what to do.

The CMC has over 170 specialty motoring clubs as affiliates – those clubs contain around 27,000 members with diverse interests including trucks, buses, trams, ex-military vehicles, fire engines, motor cycles/scooters and cars, road going and racing, from the veteran, vintage, pre-war, post-war and modern eras.

The CMC stages a number of events each year for the participation of members of affiliated clubs and to enthusiastically showcase it’s movement to the general public. The National Motoring Heritage Day happens each year; in mid May with as many historic vehicle owners as possible being encouraged to take their vehicle out on the roads for a day’s enjoyable motoring and visiting a number of sites along the way.

The Council’s premier event of each year is the Shannons Sydney Classic, held on a weekend in August each year. Over 1900 classic club vehicles are on display on the Sunday, with each club involved in parade laps around the track, and Concours judging of some of the best historic and club vehicles in NSW. It is a great family day with music, double-decker bus rides around the track and lots of things for the little ones.

The Classic, as it is called has been held at the Sydney Motorsport Park for over 20 years.

The CMC meets on a bi-monthly basis at the Arena Sports Club, 140 Rookwood Road Yagoona NSW 2199.

The November General Meeting coincides with the Annual General Meeting, for the regular presentation of reports, and election of the Executives and Committee for the ensuing year.

Please click here to go to the CMC website for more information.

Please click on the below link to download a copy of the CMC’s bi-monthly “The Preserve” magazine. Apart from member club news and events, it provides updates of what’s happening with the Historic & Classic vehicles conditional registration schemes.

February 2020; August 2020

Historic & Classic Plate Registrar

Phone: 0411 019 112
Email: historics@hsvclubnsw.com