From 2019 Drivers will have the round with their lowest points score excluded from their total Club Championship points. Prior to 2019 only the round at the SMSP Amaroo Circuit was excluded from Club Championship points.

Points will be allocated to each of the below 3 Motorsport Championship classes according to the finishing positions in each of the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship Rounds based on Natsoft times.

The competitor who accumulates the greatest number of points overall (regardless of Class) from the rounds below will be recognised as the fastest in the Club and will be awarded the Phillip Walsh Memorial Motorsport Trophy and will be our Club’s Motorsport Champion.

Where a round of the Nulon Nationals is either on the same weekend as a CAMS Round, competitors who represent our club in the Nulon Nationals and thereby sacrifice the opportunity to gain points in the respective CAMS round will receive 40 points towards both their Class Championship and overall Motorsport Championship.


Motorsport Championship Classes:

Supersprint Champion – Street Holden Class
Any Holden based car with current registration. These cars may not run “Race Tyres” as defined in the CAMS NSW Supersprint Technical Regulations.

Supersprint Champion – Race Holden Class
Any Holden based car with any modifications. Free tyre selection.

Supersprint Champion – Outlaw Class
All non-Holden based cars. Any vehicle modifications and free tyre selection.

Points in the following table will be allocated to each of the Club Supersprint Championship Classes for each of the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship Rounds:

Place Points Place Points
First 40 Tenth 16
Second 30 Eleventh 15
Third 25 Twelfth 14
Fourth 22 Thirteenth 13
Fifth 21 Fourteenth 12
Sixth 20 Fifteenth 11
Seventh 19 Sixteenth 10
Eighth 18 Seventeenth 9
Ninth 17 18th to 20th 9


2019 CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship Dates:

Round 1, Sunday, 24th March – Gardner / GP (ARDC)
Round 2, Sunday 28th April – Wakefield Park (Mini)
Round 3, Sunday 26th May – Druitt / North (NSWRRC)
Round 4, Saturday 10th August – Amaroo / South (NSWRRC)
Round 5, Sunday 22nd September – Wakefield Park (MX-5)
Round 6, Sunday 20th October – Gardner / GP (ARDC)
Australian National Championships, 16 & 17 November – Phillip Island (PIARC)