Vehicle security is one of the most important issues facing HDT and HSV owners as our cars are basically irreplaceable.

Our club has partnered with Black Knight Global Tracking Systems (“Black Knight”) as our key provider of vehicle tracking systems which is our recommended front line in terms of providing security to our vehicles.

The Club recommends that a tracking system using a global semiconductor chip rather than a SIM card be installed in all of our high value vehicles and this be supplemented with other security measures including garage alarms, cameras, door security, removable bollards etc as well as taking basic precautions tom ensure that you are not followed home and you don’t leave your car exposed at the front of your property advertising to criminals where they can come and get it. Please click here for more great tips on protecting your precious vehicle.

Black Knight provides the only tracking system using a global semiconductor chip which the Club recommends because SIM cards can be easily removed, and one removed, not only is there data loss but with a replacement SIM card the tracking unit can no longer be proven to belong to its original owner. The added advantage of the global semiconductor chip is that you can take this overseas and use it in vehicles overseas with no increase in connectivity costs due to international roaming as would be the case with a SIM card based system.

Black Knight offers HSVOC Club members special club pricing and service on their global tracking systems.

3G Based System (Obsolete by September 2024)

A high percentage of HSV Owners Club NSW members already enjoy GPS Global Tracking benefits with either the Z3 or Z3w Black Knight tracking system. These are supported by 3G networks.

The HSVOC special price for these units is $495.

Included in this initial purchase is $142.89 being connectivity for 12 months tracking.

This connectivity may be extended for $12.99 a month after first 12 months connectivity has expired. Please note that this is a Telco connectivity charge, not a Black Knight charge.

Purchase of a 3G based system allows immediate tracking of vehicle/s together with Playback facilities for the previous 12 months. This together with Geo-fence settings and other functionalities, allows each members unit to be extremely reliable and beneficial for protection of their HSV’s.

However, with Telco’s (Telstra, Vodaphone etc) decision to withdraw from the current 3G network in 2024, the Club recommends that its members purchase a 4G system instead, as the 3G network and therefore the 3G based tracking system units will become redundant in 2024.

4G Based System

With so many HSVOC members currently owning 3G based Black Knight tracking systems, Black Knight are offering HSVOC members the below two options to upgrade to a 4G network based tracking system.

The 4G network technology provides better coverage, as it picks up and uses signals from both the Telstra and Vodaphone networks which also gives a speedier and more accurate coverage than the old 3G technology which has been around since 2006.

The 4G network is expected to last at least another decade from 2023, and most likely, even longer.

1. Upgrade to Z4 No Later than 6th August 2024

Members who have a Z3 system can upgrade to the current 4G network with a Z4 Black Knight Global Tracking systems for the HSVOC special member price of $185, including one month’s introductory connectivity. The remaining connectivity on members Z3/Z3w unit, at the time of the upgrade, will be transferred to their new Z4 unit.

Once that connectivity has expired, connectivity for the 4G network will be debited at $13.99 a month (again a Telco cost, not a Black Knight cost) a to the members credit card. Connectivity will only be available by monthly debit to a credit or debit card.

When the current yearly connectivity charge runs out, the monthly debit to the members credit card will commence.

The Z4 system has all the features of the Z3 system as well as the benefits of the faster 4G network with it’s improved coverage.

Last Chance for Z3 to Z4 upgrades will be at the Club’s General Meeting on Tuesday 6th August 2024.

2. Purchase a New Z4 Unit

Should members not wish to upgrade their existing tracker now but purchase a Z4 outright, simply wait until your current connectivity expires, then purchase a Z4 tracker, including 1 month’s connectivity, at the HSVOC special member price of $325.

Again, after the initial month’s connectivity has expired, members will receive an invitation from Black Knight to continue their connectivity at $13.99 a month. Monthly connectivity charges can be cancelled at any time, there is no contract of time.

The Z4 system has all the features of the Z3 system as well as the benefits of the faster 4G network with it’s improved coverage.

New Z4 units will be available to purchase at the Club’s General Meetings.

Please note the Z4 upgrade special member price can only be obtained at the 6th August 2024 Club Meeting or by contacting Ed Murray on 0427 813 658 or with your HSVOC membership number.

About Black Knight Global Tracking Systems

Black Knight Global Tracking Systems was originally launched to the Australian market in 2012.
It can be described as a unique GPS Global Tracking System; it does not require the services of a SIM Card for connectivity. SIM trackers are usually considered to be insecure and expensive as SIM cards can easily be replaced, meaning the device can easily be compromised as a tool to track a stolen asset. The Black Knight uses a Global Semi-conductor Chip, considered to be a joint venture between Vodafone International and recently Telstra Corporation Limited. The “Chip” allows precision tracking in over 200 countries World-wide without the added expense of global roaming.

The resultant coverage gives the tracker precision accuracy accompanied by 15 second updates of information.

Black Knight Global Tracking Systems is the only GPS Global Tracking System endorsed by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC), issued on 7 March 2016. The NMVTRC chose Black Knight for use in its Stolen Vehicle Rapid Response Initiative (SVRRI). This initiative involved recruiting up to 1,000 volunteers drawn from the owners of high-risk vehicles, in high-risk Melbourne and Perth suburbs, to have their vehicle fitted with a free Black Knight tracker for a period of up to two years.

The NMVTRC was responsible for selection of the tracking provider. Key criteria for the selection included, capability, reliability, vehicle compatibility, installation process and unit cost of the tracker and its ongoing connectivity.

The NMVTRC chose Black Knight for use in its SVRRI pilot project following a comprehensive evaluation and testing regime. It was chosen due to its superior technical capabilities, reliability, ease of installation and cost effectiveness.

Vehicle tracking offers a very viable technical solution to the problems associated with transponder key facilitated vehicle theft. The NMVTRC via its SVRRI pilot, utilising the Black Knight tracker, is highlighting the substantial community benefits that can be delivered from this technology.

The Black Knight is an incredibly small unit measuring 3.5cm x 6.8cm x 0.9cm and is completely waterproof. It can be used in many locations and situations and will always bring peace of mind to the owner of the protected asset.

Black Knight believes that this is the ultimate covert security device for your vehicle. The sleek, powerful, versatile, fully waterproof and inexpensive high-performance GPS tracker with exceptional benefits and pricing. Features including, piece of mind for your asset, security of loved ones, possible insurance discounts, theft excess reduction should the unthinkable happen, live tracking via app (Android, iOS) web and intelligent alarms such as geofence, low power, power disconnect and speed alerts. If you are serious about protecting and keeping your vehicle, then this is the security system for you.

For more information or to order, please contact: Ed Murray, Jewal Pty Ltd on 0427 813 658 or email