Researched by Ian Williams
Club Magazines courtesy of Gary Benson & Karin Ross.

These Chronicles have been created to preserve the rich heritage of our Club.

Peter Brock and Tom Walkinshaw and their Australian Touring Car Championship / V8 Supercars race teams had a huge influence on Australian Motorsport and on the associated product development which resulted in the greatest range of performance road going vehicles that Australia has ever seen.

Our Club’s history can be dated back to the SL/E based 1980 VC Commodore. GM-H had just pulled out of direct involvement in Motorsport, instead doing this through specific dealers, known as the Holden Dealer Team.
The Holden Dealer Team then supported the Racing Team that was sponsored by Marlboro, and became known as the Marlboro Holden Dealer Team or HDT. Peter Brock had just taken over leadership of the HDT from John Sheppard and he needed to homologate numerous racing parts for the Marlboro Holden Dealer Team’s 1981 Group C racing effort. From there he commenced joint development with General Motors Holden to produce 500 VC HDT Commodores for sale only through the Dealer Team network and the rest is history.

Peter Brock’s HDT Commodore leading the 1982 Bathurst 1000.
This car went on to win Bathurst back-to-back in 1982 & 1983 and was later sold in 2018 for a record $2.1 million.

The popularity of these great looking, high performance sedans (pictured below) encouraged groups of like minded HDT owners to get together to form HDT Owners Car Clubs. The first was in Qld in 1982, then in Canberra in 1983. NSW HDT Owners joined the Canberra Club after “Street Machine” magazine wrote about this Club in 1984. In 1985, a group of NSW HDT Owners founded the NSW Club after attending a Club run to the Briar’s Inn at Burradoo, read on to see how this story unfolds …

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We start the Club’s story in 1982, and progress it each year that follows …

1982/4: Before Time Began
1985: The Beginning
1986: NSW HDT Owners Club Formed
1987: Birth of HSV
1988: The HSV Membership Debate
1989: Return of the V8
1990: National Street Machine Assoc. Affiliation
1991: Incorporation and Name Change
1992: Peter Brock, Club Patron
1993: VR Released
1994: HSV Relocates
1995: No “Post Brock” HDT’s
1996: New Supersprint Era
1997: 20,000th HSV
1998: Membership Tops 300
1999: Club Constitution Changed
2000: Our Biggest Car Show Ever
2001: Club Name Change
2002: New Club Logo
2003: 1,000th Club Member
2004: Peter Brock’s Last Bathurst
2005: First NSW/Qld Coffs Harbour Weekend Away
2006: Vale Peter Brock
2007: First Annual Brock Bathurst Run
2008: VE GTS W427 Unveiled
2009: Our Last Oran Park Event
2010: Vale Tom Walkinshaw
2011: ACT HSVOC Independence
2012: New Club Home – Sydney Motorsport Park
2013: CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships
2014: Members Only Facebook Page
2015: 30 Years of Driving Excitement
2016: Biggest Brock Bathurst Run Ever
2017: New Generation Website
2018: First Sydney Motorsport Park Show
2019: HSV Plated Chevrolets Included
2020: The Year Ahead