How do I Login or Register?

Registration is the first step in creating your Account and is required before you can Login. Once you have registered, you do not have to do this again, just Login to gain access to your Account.

To register you will need to click on the “Login/My Account” section on the black bar across the top of the page which will take you to the Login/Register page which is pictured below.

Then you will need to complete the fields which are highlighted below.

After you have successfully registered you will receive an email and at that point you will be able to log in.

What if I can’t remember my Password?

If you can’t remember your password, click on the “Lost your password?” link under the Login button as shown above. You will then be taken through the steps to reset your password.

Note: You must have previously created an account in the relative Username or Email address before you can Login.

If you still experience problems, email a Website Administrator as listed at the bottom of this page.

Why do I need to create an Account?

The website includes an online shopping system that will be used not only for the purchasing of club merchandise online but for managing and when required, paying for our events as well.

No transactions will be able to be undertaken without first logging in to your account, and only members will be able to access “members only” pages on the website or enter into Club Shows and Events.

Booking events is now a one step process, except when members need to pay a 3rd party (eg All Holden Day).

To enable us to do this we will  be using a combination of information captured when booking an event (eg number of adults, number of children, meeting point selection etc) and the information recorded by each member in the My Account section of the website.

Having a completed My Account record will be key for all members for two main reasons:

1.  It will save you having to enter the same information each time that you use online shopping to pay for something.

2. We will be creating “Members Only” sections in our website and will also be providing other special “Members Only” items (including coupons, events and merchandise).

How do I create an Account?

  1. Click on the “Login/My Account” link at the top of the Club web page and log in if you have not already done so.
  2. On your “My Account” page, click onto “Account Details”. You can change your password and email address here but most importantly please choose your Membership Type from the drop down and save your changes.
  3. The click on “Addresses”, and then on the blue “Edit” link at the right side of “Billing Address”. This will take you to the section where the remainder of your account information is held.
  4. Please add your mobile phone number and then select from the drop down options for Your Car Series, Your Car Model, Your Car Colour, Your Car Rego and Your Car Build Date.

If you have more than one eligible vehicle please include the vehicle you will be taking on runs in your “prime” account, and then refer to the instruction below to add accounts for any other eligible vehicles..

The required information will be recorded with your entry booking and sent to the Committee Member organising the event automatically by the system.

Please note that your Shipping and Billing addresses remain securely held by the online shopping system and will not be made available to anyone, committee members included. The Club has developed a strong Privacy Policy and this can be viewed by clicking on the “Terms & Conditions” link at the bottom of the website.

It is important to know that we’ll be increasingly using the new website’s capabilities as our service to members evolves and most of this will be targeted at “Members Only”.

Accordingly, it will be very important for all members to complete all their details in My Account and keep them up to date to avoid missing out on members benefits as they become available.

What if I get locked out of the website?

If you get locked out of the website please wait just 5 minutes before trying to log in again. The website is set up to lock computers out that have made 5 unsuccessful attempts to gain access to the website or to change an accounts login or password. This is to prevent automated computerised (BOT) attacks.

What to I do if I own more than one eligible vehicle?

Each members account can only accept details of one vehicle, and we recommend that this vehicle is the one that you’ll be using most for Club activities.

If you have more than one eligible vehicle (HSV and/or HDT) you will need to send an email to containing the following information:

Car Series (eg VE3)
Car Model (eg ClubSport)
Build Year (eg 2013)
Build Number (eg 356)
Car Colour (eg Black)

The web Admin team will then set up a new “Additional Car” account for you.

You will be sent a temporary password which you can change later to the same password as your main Club account which will make it easier to remember.

You will also be advised of a new, easy to remember “dummy” email address linked to your additional car account that you can then use to enter a Club Run or Club Muscle Car Show.

Once this additional car account has been created there is no more for you to do unless there is a change to your vehicle and then that will need to be updated in it’s account accordingly.

How do I find out when my Membership is due?

  1. Click on the “Login/My Account” link at the top of the Club web page and log in if you have not already done so.
  2. On your “My Account” page, click onto “Memberships”. Your membership Plan will be displayed together with the date that you joined the Club, your membership expiry date and the status of your membership. “Active” status means that you are a financial member of our Club, “Expired” means that your membership has lapsed and you won’t have access to “Members Only” website pages including event entry.
  3. To renew your membership click on the relevant membership renewal option under the “Membership” tab.

How do I book for an event or buy merchandise?

All transactions involving booking or entering an event or activity, or just purchasing club merchandise use the websites online shopping system. This system is used only for Club organised activities even if there is no cost involved. The reason is that the information that is held in your Account which is required by the organising Committee member is captured at the time the “Cart” is processed.

The same basic process applies whether booking or entering an event or activity, or purchasing club merchandise – and to do this you will need to have created your Account and be logged in as described above.

When you select an event or item from within the website you will be taken to the main page which will contain the description, various “option” selections (but not always), a “quantity” selector and an “Add to Cart” button. If you want to proceed with your purchase/entry/booking please then:

  1. LOGIN to your account
  2. Choose your options (if any) from the drop down selections for each option.
  3. Choose the quantity of that item/option combination.
  4. Click on to the “Add to Cart” button. You will notice that the dollar value has been added to your Cart which is visible on the right of the black band across the top of the website screen.
  5. If you want to check what is in your Cart, click on the “View Cart” button. You can also go to your Cart by clicking on “Your Cart” at the top of the screen as above.
  6. Once you are in your Cart you can change the quantity of any item listed or remove any unwanted items, clicking “Update Cart” before proceeding any further.
  7. If you have been given a coupon code, you enter that code then click on “Apply Coupon” before taking the next step.
  8. You can continue adding other events or products to your Cart before “Proceed to Checkout” to finalise the transaction.
  9. Once you have proceeded to the Checkout you will be shown all your Billing Account details as well as your order details.
  10. At the bottom of the page check the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions ” box and then “Proceed to PayPal”.
  11. If there is a cost on what you have in your Cart you will go to our online payments system where you can pay by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. If there is no cost to what you have submitted you will be taken back to the website without going through the online payments system – but your details will be recorded for the organising Committee member.

How do I change my Website Login Email Address or other information in my account?

Log in to your Account (click on Login/MyAccount at the top of the page) and then click on “Account details” under “My Account”.

You can then update your email address, password or any other information on that page as you wish.

How do I find if I’ve entered an event or paid for something on the Club’s website?

Log in to your Account (click on Login/MyAccount at the top of the page) and in the description under “Hello” you’ll find a link that says “recent orders”.

When you click on that link you’ll find a list of everything that you’ve processed through the Club’s website.

If you’re not sure of what a particular Order refers to, just click on “View” and it will give you all your order details.

I’ve entered my order but I can’t proceed to PayPal

Please make sure that you’ve checked the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” box at the bottom of the page that contains the “Proceed to PayPal” button.

How do I remove items from my Shopping Cart?

  1. Go to Your Cart.
  2. Click on the little red “x” alongside the item that you want to remove.

Can I sync the club calendar with my desktop or smart phone calendar?

You certainly can by using this link.

My Computer is running very slow when I’m on the Club Website

Please make sure that you are running the latest version of Java on your computer. Click here to download the free latest version of Java.

Who do I contact with questions about the Club Website?

If you experience any problems with the website or have any suggestions, please email any of the Website Administration Team:

Ian Williams (Webmaster)

Brett Davey (Administrator)