Vehicles competing in Motorsport Australia Speed Events are required to be fitted with a fire extinguisher that complies with Schedule H of the Motorsport Australia manual.

Extinguisher Requirements

The Schedule H requirements for the fitment of a hand held fire extinguisher are:

1. Must be able to be removed by the driver while seated in their driver’s seat with their safety belt or harness unfastened.

2. Must be labelled with Australian Standard AS1841 (except AS1841.2)

3. Have a minimum capacity of 900 grams.

4. Must be no older than 3 years from the manufacturing date that is stamped on it.

Below is a guide for the installation of a hand held fire extinguisher that does not require holes to be drilled in your vehicle and keeps the unit in a discreet position in your HSV’s cabin.

The pics below are from a 2007 WM Grange.

Installation Guide

Purchase a compliant hand held fire extinguisher.
These can be bought from an auto parts store (ie Auto Barn, Supa Cheap etc).
Before you purchase, open the package and inspect the date of manufacture which is stamped on the extinguisher body.
Hand held extinguishers may only be used for 3 years after this date, so be careful not to buy old stock!
Also, make sure that the extinguisher has:
a) A metal mounting bracket (not plastic)
b) That it’s capacity is over 900 grams
c) That it is labelled with the AS1841 standard (but not AS1841.2).

Make Manufacture Date Legible
Get a small permanent marker and carefully fill in the stamped date of manufacture that is on the extinguisher body to make it legible.

Cable Tie Extinguisher Bracket to Passenger Seat Frame

Place extinguisher in its metal bracket and trial position it under the front passenger seat, see the below images.

Make sure when you mount it that the extinguisher release clamp is easily accessible and that the extinguisher does not come into contact with the seat mounts etc.

The cable ties should be located at the far ends of the bracket where there is clearance to the extinguisher body.

Important: The cable ties should be very tight to prevent movement of the unit.

Replace Extinguisher into Bracket.

Position Extinguisher so that date of manufacture is visible, if possible.

Neatly installed, no holes drilled!

Also, very discreet.