A photo Gallery of HSVOC Members cars that have either Historic or Classic Vehicle Club registration plates. Please click on image to enlarge.

If you are an HSVOC Member and own an eligible vehicle, you may apply for Historic or Classic Vehicle Club registration for any vehicle you own that is over 30 years old. Please contact our Historic & Classic Vehicle Plates Registrar, Michael Benton for more information.

Paul Beswick’s 1980 VC HDT Brock Commodore
Brenton Schuback’s 1983 HDT VH SS
David Sultana’s 1988 HSV VL Walkinshaw
Ivano Florian’s 1988 HSV VL Walkinshaw
Brett Gilles’ 1988 HSV VL Walkinshaw
Karin Ross’ 1989 HSV SV5000
Tim McGuiness’ 1965 EH Holden Special Wagon
Jordan Tishler’s 1986 VL Holden Calais