About Club Classic Vehicle Registration.

1)   If your vehicle is 30 plus years old and has some modifications which take it outside the Historic Registration rules then Classic Vehicle registration is best for you.

2)   Click here for the RMS VSI-6 Guidelines on what you can do to your vehicle without needing to have those changes certified by an engineer who is on the VSCCS list. You can state that the mods to the vehicle are safe and done properly and that should be enough.

3)   If your vehicle goes beyond those VSI-6 rules, a VSCCS Engineer has to certify your vehicle. It will then be able to go onto the Classic Vehicle Registration scheme.

4)   You  MUST be a member of a car club such as the HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc HDT) which is affiliated with the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs.

5)   You will be required to obtain a  BLUE slip for the initial Classic Vehicle Registration application; no matter if the vehicle is currently registered or not. This is a requirement of the RMS and is not negotiable. Blue slips have a 42-day expiry date so you have to move relatively quickly once you have one.

6)   You will be required to purchase new number plates. Your existing personalized plates (if you have them) will have to go on hold or onto your daily drive. The new plates for your Classic will be the white with green numbers and letters with the format of five numerals followed by a letter, eg ‘12345C’. The RMS computer system cannot handle conditional rego using normal number plates so we have to live with this for a while yet. You will get a window sticker with your new Classic rego as well, due to the same issue.

7) The 60-day logbook and all of your clubs listed events will be applicable to the Classic Vehicle Registration scheme. In October 2017 the logbook scheme trial period is up for review and if there have not been any problems it hopefully will be continued as a permanent benefit for all historic and classic vehicle enthusiasts.

How to Obtain Club Classic Vehicle Registration:

1. Download, read and understand the Club’s HSVOC Historic Vehicle Registration Constitution. If you proceed to apply for the Club’s Historic Vehicle Registration, it will be on the basis that you have read and agreed to the conditions therein.

2. Take your car in for an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme (AUVIS) inspection (previously called a Blue Slip). You may also need to obtain a Compliance Certificate (ie Engineering Report) if the vehicle has been significantly modified. A Compliance Certificate issued by a Licensed Certifier on the RMS Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS), certifying that the Classic Vehicle complies with the relevant NSW vehicle standards. Blue slips have a 42-day expiry date so you have to move relatively quickly once you have one.

3. Download and complete an RMS Classic Vehicle Declaration Form. Click here to download an RMS Classic Vehicle Declaration Form.

4. Download and complete an RMS Application for Conditional Registration Form. Click here to download an RMS Application for Conditional Registration Form.

5. Obtain an insurance cover note for Third Party Property or Full Comprehensive Insurance for your vehicle.

6. Contact the Historic Vehicle Registrar Peter Hennessy on 9684 2826 (Bus) or email to  historics@hsvclubnsw.com ) and arrange to bring the vehicle in for an Eligibility Inspection to check that the vehicle is eligible for Classic registration. You will have your completed Historic Vehicle Declaration Form signed and stamped at the same time as this inspection so make sure that you bring it with you.

7. Request a “proof of financial membership” letter by emailing the Membership Secretary at membership@hsvclubnsw.com .

8. Take your

a) Blue Slip (less than 42 days old)
b) Compliance Certificate (if required)
c) Proof of financial HSVOC membership
d) Completed/stamped RMS Classic Vehicle Declaration Form (less than 42 days old)
e) Completed/stamped RMS Application for Conditional Registration Form
f) Proof of registration entitlement (eg receipt of purchase)
g) Proof of identity (eg NSW Driver Licence)
h) The appropriate fee

to an RMS Motor Registry and apply for Conditional Registration. Note that CTP insurance, provided by QBE Insurance, is issued as part of the conditional registration and only applies if the vehicle is being driven on a road, or road related area, in Australia.   Click here for RMS Conditional Registration Fees.

9. To complete your Club Classic Vehicle Registration process, please then scan and email a copy of your Historic Vehicle registration form to the Historic Vehicle Registrar at historics@hsvclubnsw.com to be placed in the HSVOC Historic Vehicle file.

10. The Classic Vehicle must be inspected at least annually by the Historic Vehicle Registrar, and the owner must participate in at least 4 club events each year to ensure that the vehicle continues to be eligible for Club registration.

Club Vehicle Registrar, Eligibility & Inspection Officer: 


Road & Race Performance
11 Mary Parade, Rydalmere 2116
Bus. Phone: 02 9684 2826
Email: historics@hsvclubnsw.com