About the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

For Modified Vehicles

The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) is designed to allow historic vehicles (more than 30 years old) that have been modified significantly so they are no longer eligible for historic plates, access to a similar scheme to the Historic Vehicle scheme (HVS).

The existing HVS scheme will still operate for vehicles that have not been modified, other than what is accepted under the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) rules and HSVOC club rules.

The CVS is managed by the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The HSV Owners Club of NSW is affiliated with the “Council of Motor Clubs” (CMC) and through that affiliation, the HSV Owners Club of NSW may participate in the CVS scheme, and its members can have modified vehicles registered through that scheme.

The CMC charges an administration fee of $25.00 over and above other existing registration fees.

Please Note: When making a CVS application the fee is $25 to have the stamped form returned by normal mail, return mail by express post is no longer an option.

Vehicles must be 30 years old, owners must be NSW residents, and the vehicle must be registered and garaged in NSW. The owner must also have a valid NSW Drivers Licence.

Usage of the vehicle is the same as for the HVS. (Club activities, 60 days private use subject to filling out the logsheet etc)

The HSV Owners Club rules, (outlined on HSVOC website) apply to the CVS scheme as well.

The HSV Owners Club will create a list of acceptable and unacceptable modifications over time and post on the website or contact the Historic plate Registrar.

Modifications that may or may not require engineering certification are listed in the TfNSW document VSI-6 Light Vehicle Modifications available on the TfNSW website.

The process to register a vehicle is similar to the HVS in that there are 3 forms to complete plus the HSV Owners Club HV01 & HV03 forms.

Refer to these following application guidelines on the CMC website for further details.

Please Note: The CMC and Transport for NSW Require original documents for registration. Emails and photocopies are not allowed.


To start the process:

  1. Download, read and understand the HSVOC Historic & Classic Registration Rules.  If you proceed to apply for the Club’s Historic Vehicle Registration, it will be on the basis that you have read, comply and agree to the conditions therein.
  2. A blue slip MUST be obtained for certification of the vehicle for the initial application for CVS. This applies regardless of whether the vehicle is currently registered or not. On subsequent renewal of your CVS registration a pink slip is sufficient.
  3. Download and complete an TfNSW Application for Conditional Registration Form (1246). Click here to download an TFNSW Form 1246.
  4. Obtain an insurance cover note for Third Party Property or Full Comprehensive Insurance for your vehicle.
  5. Contact the Historic & Classic Vehicle Registrar and arrange to bring the vehicle in for an Eligibility Inspection to check that the vehicle is eligible for Classic registration.
  6. Complete our Club’s Historic Registration Inspection/Eligibility Check List Form HR 01.Click here to download Form HR 01.
  7. Click here to download and complete TfNSW Form 1835 Classic Vehicle Declaration.
  8. You must complete Section 1 and 2 of the 1835 form provided by the Transport for NSW. This form must be stamped (in the box provided on the form) by your primary club (HSV Owners of Club of NSW). By stamping this form your club is attesting to the fact that you are a financial member of your primary club and the vehicle is eligible for registration under the Transport for NSW CVS rules.
  9. You will have your completed Classic Vehicle Declaration Form signed and stamped at the same time as your vehicle inspection so make sure that you bring it with you.
  10. For Classic Registration RENEWAL please also include a completed copy of your HR01 and HR 03 Log Sheet as proof of attending 3 club events in the previous 12 months. Click here to download Form HR 03.
  11. (A new form for 2022) For ALL applications, including New and Renewals please complete all your information on the “Check list of requirements of the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)” form, Please Click HERE to download.
  12. Once you have completed the 1835 and HSVOC forms they must then be signed and stamped by Michael Benton our Club Plate Registrar. Contact Michael by phone, on 0411 019 112 or email at historic@hsvclubnsw.com
  13. When the below required forms are completed and stamped and our Club Plate Registrar has returned them to you, please post the originals, together with a copy of the Blue Slip to CMC CVS Administrator, for further verification and stamping. Do NOT post the Original Blue slip. :
    • 1835 Classic Vehicle Declaration
    • Check list of requirements of the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

Note: If the complete set of documents, with all relevant information, are not received, the paperwork won’t be processed.

14. Post to CMC CVS Administrator, PO Box 174 Bexley, NSW, 2207. with a payment of $25 processing fee. (Please Note: When making a CVS application the fee is $25 to have the stamped form returned by normal mail.)

You may pay the administration fee by cheque, money order or EFT. If you wish to take advantage of EFT to pay the administration fee please ensure you adequately identify who the payment comes from. Surname and Club ID would be ideal, eg. Jones HSVOC.

Please DO NOT put cash in the envelope. It is against the law.

15. On receipt of the documents by the CMC CVS administrator, Section 3 of the 1835 form will be completed and signed by a representative of the CMC (as per the example on page 4 of the guidelines) (The TfNSW wants to see an original signature and stamp from the CMC)

16. The completed 1835 form will be posted back to you and must then be taken to a Service NSW office for processing. The Check list of requirements of the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) will be retained by the CMC CVS administrator


Transport for NSW Processing:

  1. For new applications you must fill in the 4-page TFNSW Application for Conditional Registration Form 1246.
  2. For new applications you must complete TfNSW Form 1021 Change of Records to apply for inclusion in the 60-day log book trial. Your club is automatically included due to its affiliation with the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC).
  3. Take the 1835 & 1021 to Service for NSW plus the Application for Conditional Registration (form 1246), and the Original blue slip to a Service NSW office for processing. You will also need to produce your licence for ID and possibly your HSVOC membership card.
  4. The 1021 form will require your new registration number noted on it before the TfNSW can process it and give you your log book.
  5. The cost of registration appears below. New number plates are mandatory. Conditional registration cannot use ordinary number plates or personalised plates. The new plates should have 5 numbers followed by a ‘E’. They are green numbers and letters on white background.
    1. $22 Conditional Registration administration fee
    2. $29 CTP insurance premium
    3. $44 Number plate fee (one-off)
    4. $95 Total
  6. You should also notify your comprehensive insurer of the new registration details or establish an insurance policy if you do not already have one for the vehicle.
  7. Read the HSV Owners Club of NSW rules and by laws, to understand the club event process for trips which do not require an entry in the 60-day log book.
  8. A log book entry is required for all service trips such as to the service station or mechanic.
  9. To complete your Club Classic Vehicle Registration process, please scan and email a copy of your Historic Vehicle registration form to the Historic Vehicle Registrar at historics@hsvclubnsw.comto be placed in the HSVOC Historic Vehicle file.

This above is an outline of the scheme. The CMC website has more detailed information regarding the scheme as well as the latest forms which can be downloaded, and links to relevant information and the TfNSW VSI-6 documents.

For more information you can go to the TfNSW website.

At present, vehicles will be accepted subject to General Committee agreement until some boundaries are set.


  1. It is understood that applicants will complete the life cycle of current registration prior to transferring to CVS
  2. If you are mailing your documents and require a quick turnaround, we would recommend that you post them via Express Post
  3. Please Note: After the vehicle is registered as a CVS and further modifications are made to this vehicle the owner must notify the HSV Owners Club of NSW Historic & Classic Plate Registrar. A further blue slip may be needed and a further VSCCS certification. In that case, copies of both updated documents must be supplied to CMC CVS.


To print a copy of these instructions in pdf, please click here.


For further information please contact Michael Benton, Historic & Classic Plate Registrar, details below.

Historic & Classic Vehicle Registrar


Phone: 0411 019 112
Email: historics@hsvclubnsw.com