Malcolm Michel / HSV Gen-F GTS Challenge Bathurst 2022 – 2:22.44 / 276 kph

Hi everyone

I would like to introduce you to the Challenge Bathurst event as asked by the club to coordinate this event for our members.

I have done the Challenge Bathurst 4 times, regularity only first two, last 2 years I did both super sprints and regularity full 4 days racing.

This event is very exciting and challenging, but I enjoy it immensely and will do the 4 days again in 2023.

As for the track it is just awesome and challenging and deserves respect, it is an iconic track a privilege to race around.

The event is very well organized and is run professionally.

You need to have to have a Motorsport Australia LS2 license and previous track experience.  Your car needs to be race ready as per super sprint regulations.

Entry to this event is by invitation only, as a previous competitor I can nominate new competitors. Anybody wanting to enter who needs a referral, please email me your details and I will pass it onto the event organizers ahead of time.

Please have a look at the General Information section below to help in making an informed decision about competing.

So for anyone requiring information for this event, please feel free to contact me.


Bill Vouden

Click on image for Win News Lead Story Report on the 2022 Challenge Bathurst.

Dates for Challenge Bathurst 2023

The new dates for Challenge Bathurst have been set as follows:


November, Thursday 23 and Friday 24 with sign on Wednesday 22*   


November, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, with sign on Friday 24*

In June         Previous competitors will be contacted with details of the event.

July 3           Invitations for 2022 competitors will be sent out.

July 17          Invitations for 2016 to 2021 competitors will be sent out.       

July 31          Invitations open for new competitors referred by current competitors.

Please note the following:

A position in this event are sort after and disappear very quickly, you have to do it on the day to get a chance of competing.

When we get the new details for CB 23 we will make them available to club members.

If you are a new competitor contact me for more information and referrals.

General Information

This is to give you a better basic understanding of the Challenge Bathurst event to help you decide if you would like to enter, and will be updated as more information is released.

The event is on from Wednesday to Sunday in November 2023.

Entries open on 4th July.  Please click here for the online entry form when it becomes available.

I need to nominate drivers interest early so that we can get you to the front of the list. Please let me know.

If you are interested, I’ll be doing a presentation on this at our Club’s General Meeting at SMSP on Tuesday 5th July starting at 8:00pm.

Early entries are essential as places fill up very quickly. First in gets their place! 

You can enter either or both types, if both you keep same numbers and garage only sign-in and scrutineer once. Challenge Bathurst web site gives more infor. and costs

There are two types of competition

The actual sessions have not been advertised yet for 2023, but will be available in June and passed on to club members ASAP.

1. Super Sprints

Where you try and set a fastest lap time, and no minimum lap time limit. 

Mostly people who enter run in regular speed events. 

Time on track: normally, 4 x 20min. per day. Around; 6 laps per run.

Sign on/scrutineering will be on the Wednesday before competition and garages can be set-up.

There are 4 cars per 2 lane garage, room to move.

The groups and grid positions are sorted by lap times, similar cars as per nominated times.

Groups are around 35 cars, which allows for good driving as most compete on a regular basis.

If you do every session with no red flags you get 2 hours and 42 minutes on track about 50 laps.

2. Regularity

Where you nominate a lap time and try to get as close to it during the event, you can change your nominated lap time between runs. 

There is a minimum lap time of 2.30 seconds if you go under this you will be black flagged for that run, and sent back of field in next run. 

Time on track: 3 x 20min runs per day.  Around; 5-6 laps per run.

Sign on/scrutineering will be on Friday before competition and garages can be set-up after 17.00

There 6 cars per 2 lane garage, not much room to move.

Groups are around 50 cars which can get a bit hectic as some have very limited track experience.

If you do every session with no red flags you get 2 hours on track about 40 laps.

For both competition types:

If you do both competitions you get 4 hours and 42 minutes or about 90 laps, which can be very tiring for both driver and car. So make sure your car and you are prepared!

Sign on and scrutineering

Sign on starts at 09.00 the day before racing and then scrutineering.  Be early, as it gets very hectic after lunch. Note: They stop scrutineering at about 15.00 and due to racing starting first thing next day you may miss a run if not scrutineered before race day.

Approved Gloves and balaclava are compulsory, checked before you enter the track each run.

Sign on is very simple if you have completed all your paperwork, license/logbooks/club membership will all be checked.  Also registration of cars and authorization forms.

You will notified of your, group letter and garage number at least a week before the event.

The organizers supply the following:

  • All your car number stickers
  • Group letters
  • Windscreen banner
  • Pit passes for race car and support car, checked on entry to inner paddock.
  • Wrist bands
  • Group schedule, track open and closed times.

All these are compulsory and must be on the car prior to starting each run including scrutineering sticker, checked on dummy grid.   Don’t forget to get your lap timer available early race day.

Groups and Grid positions

Are sorted into similar lap time cars; fastest to the front of the grid.  After each run you will be moved up or down the grid, depending your last run fastest lap time. 

Gives you a chance/incentive to improve, but do not overdo it, respect the track.

Curb hopping running on painted ripple strips is no advantage on this track, keep on the black stuff.

Racing as in all super sprints and regularities is not permitted, only pass where it is safe to do so.


Garage cost, are included in entry fee. You can nominate on entry who you would like to share a garage with, they have accommodated my request for the last 2 years.

Garage number run from 1 at turn 1 to 36 at near last turn.  Keys for the garage will be issued to the first person to sign on in that garage.  Organize who will lock-up that night and that they will be back at the track at a time to all.  Note: Requiring $50 cash deposit, refunded when returned.

Being Supersprint and regularity racing is not allowed and you will be sent to rear of grid if you are deemed to be racing by officials. Only pass where it is safe to do so.


Included in the entry fee is a $100 fuel credit or both Super sprints and Regularity.  The card must be applied for well before the event, the cost of fuel at the track last year was $2.75/lt. 

You can bring your own fuel.  There are several nearby petrol stations, some at good prices.

In my GTS I get 2 full runs, the fuel light/warning comes on 3rd run so I do not try it.  Tank 73lt.

You do not want to run out of fuel on the track!


The track is very easy on tyres and as long as in good condition and legal you should be ok.

The tyre you normally race on in your class should be fine, slicks are not good on wet track.

I ran Yokohama AO52 last year road legal semi slick, very impressed good wet and dry.


Make sure your car is properly prepared for the event and carry any tools, spares you may require.  Mechanical safety is very important at this track.  There are the usual stores in Bathurst.

Brakes very important, check pads, discs and change brake fluid to high temperature dot 5.1 or similar.

You do not want to miss out because of a simple failure or lack of spares.


2020 was hot mid to high 30 degrees, my car over heated.

2021 was cold around 10 degrees and raining with wet track, dried out on Sunday.

2022 was moderate with a maximum of around 27 degrees and a bit windy.

So be prepared, I actually enjoyed the challenge of a wet track in 2021 but did have some moments.


There is a food outlet in the inner paddock, serving a good supply of hot and cold food and drinks.

There are lots of good eateries around town if you like to venture out, my motel had very good food.


Can get a bit hard to find close to the event, I usually book a local motel as so as I enter.   

There is camping/caravan area on the inside of the track, with good amenities.

Example Documents

Below are several documents from last years Challenge Bathurst to give you a better idea of what to expect, please click on the below links to view. These documents will be updated with the 2023 documents when they are released.

Challenge Bathurst 2021 Schedule. This event has been very similar to previous years and runs pretty close, except for incidents.

Fuel account registration. Just example to see what is required.

2021 entry form. Again, just an example.

Additional information:

More Information

If you think you are interested or just need more information on these events please contact Bill Vouden at or 0428 407 989.