Set up your Test Drive Membership

Membership of the HSV Owners Club is the ideal way to get the best from your HSV ownership in a way that is unmatched by any other brand.

Test Drive Membership will enable you to enjoy the lifestyle experience that comes with the ownership of Australia’s premium brand of high performance passenger vehicle.

If you have been granted Test Drive Membership please click here to register your membership information which is a prerequisite to complete your online Test Drive Membership application.

Once you have registered and created your Account, log in then click here to complete your Test Drive Membership application online. Please ensure that you have your Test Drive Membership Coupon when you do this in order to waive the $90.00 membership fee.

Once your Test Drive Membership has been submitted it will be processed and three months Test Drive Membership will be granted as long as you have an eligible vehicle (either a Brock era HDT vehicle bearing an HDT build plate or a genuine build plated Holden Special Vehicle excluding HSVi ).

Test Drive Membership entitles the member to all the privileges of a Full Member with the exception of no voting rights and no free Club Magazine. Test Drive Members will be able to participate in all HSV Owners Club activities and events as well as being given access to the “Members Only” pages and merchandise on this website.

Convert your Test Drive Membership to Full Membership

You may at any time during your 3 months Test Drive Membership period convert to full club membership by clicking on one of the Membership Renewal options under the “Membership” tab in this website.

Your Full Membership will commence for 12 or 36 months when you have converted by renewing in a Full Plan as above. At this stage you will be asked by the Membership Secretary to provide proof that you own an eligible vehicle.

If you want to purchase a quality Polo Club shirt which sells for $45.00, it will only cost you $40.00 if you purchase it at the time of converting to full membership.

Full club membership will entitle you to keep all the benefits of Test Drive Membership plus receive a copy of the Club’s bi-monthly “Behind the Wheel” magazine and a CAMS affiliated club membership card for you and your partner (Family Membership only) which allows participation in any CAMS affiliated club event, anywhere.

Test Drive Membership is strictly a “once off” trial membership which cannot be extended. Membership will need to be converted to Full membership within the Test Drive period prior to its expiry.

About our Club

Our Club’s heritage dates back to 1985 when it was formed by a group of Peter Brock’s HDT owners, and incorporated HSV vehicles from their inception in 1987.

AS part of a national identity, the Club adopted it’s current name in 2001.

It is a family oriented club with CAMS affiliation and has the full support of the HSV organisation.

Our Club meets at 8:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month except January in the ARDC Hinxman Room which is located on top of the pits at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Meetings are designed to be informative and social and to provide an environment for minded people to get together.

The Club also organises family oriented Sunday Runs, Weekends Away, Muscle Car Shows, Bonnets Up Displays at major events, Driver Training and various Motorsport driving activities including “No Speed Limit” Drive Days, Drag Days, Multi Club Track Days as well as participation in the Nulon Nationals and the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship.

Click Here to read the full “About our Club” page

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