All Holden Day Club Display – 1st August 2021

Hawkesbury Showground, Clarendon NSW

2021 Entries are not open yet.

All 2020 entries will be carried forward to 2021.

How To Enter:

      1. Make sure that you have logged in to your account on this website.
        If you have more than one eligible vehicle, make sure that you have logged in with the account that has this vehicle listed.
      2. Click on the “Book Ticket” button below and add your entry to the Cart.
      3. Check your information in your Cart and then proceed to Checkout. This is at no cost and will register your entry on the Club’s All Holden Day 2020 records.
        Your entry must be submitted to the Club as above so that space can be allocated to your car in our Club’s display.
      1. Now that you have entered the Club Display, please click here to go to the All Holden Day online entry form .
        If you have a problem with this form please try opening in another browser such as Firefox or Edge.
      2. Complete the AHD online entry form making sure that you select “HSV Owners Club of NSW” in the drop down menu as your car club which will include you in our Club Display.
        If you don’t name our club the organisers won’t allocate a space in our display for you.
      3. Submit and pay online. Entry cost is $55.00 and includes a free AHD shirt and Goodies Bag.

Please enter early as places are strictly limited!

If you have already entered via the All Holden Day online form, please enter the Club Display by completing tasks 1 to 3 above.

You must be entered via both the HSVOC  and All Holden Day online systems!

$0.00 Book ticket

2021 HSVOC
Muscle Car Show Championship
Round 1

Sydney Motorsport Park
Amaroo Circuit Paddock

Gate A off Ferrers Road Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Sunday 18th July 2021

Venue Access:

Please note that this Show is being run in conjunction with Round 4 of the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship.

Show entrants and their passengers will be give free access to the venue but entrants will need to tell Security at Gate A that they are displaying their car at the Show on the Amaroo Circuit pits to gain free venue entry.

Vehicle Judging Class:

Please select the right class or you may be disqualified! 
Elite: Cars that have averaged less than 5,000km pa from their build date to the show date, including current series models with less than 5,000km.
Classic: HDT or HSV Cars that are 20 year old or older (ie up to VT Model) regardless of kilometres.
Show n Shine: In these class cars must have averaged between 5,000km & 10,000km per annum from their build date to the show date.
Daily Driven: Cars entering this class must have averaged over 10,000km per annum from their build date to the show date.
Modified: This is an optional class for cars with at least 3 significant modifications, e.g. Forced Induction, custom paint, major motor or interior mods. Cars in this class will be judged against other modified class cars only regardless of kilometres.
Motorsport: Cars entering this class must have competed in at least 2 of our Club motorsport events during the previous and current show year. Cars in this class will be judged against other motorsport cars regardless of kilometres only and are not required to be eligible vehicles (eg HDT or HSV).

Conditions of Entry:

Early Bird Entry Cost is $60.00 until 10:00pm Sunday 20th June 2021.

Late Entry cost is $70.00 per member and close 10:00pm Saturday 26th June 2021. No judged entries will be accepted after this deadline.

The car is to be clean and tidy and well presented. It should be displayed to the best of your ability and reflect the quality of the car, the Club and the Show’s sponsors. Vehicles must be currently listed in the Club’s Membership Register as being an eligible vehicle. Click here to see the Rules and Judging Criteria for Judged Car Shows. To be eligible for trophies, entrants must wear the event shirt which will be given to them on the day as this shirt is a key part of the club’s promotional support of the sponsors who have made this show possible. Judging will be by independent judges and judging decisions are final and not open to appeal. Refunds or credits cannot be given after entries close.

Important Entrant Information:

Entry on the day is from 6:30am and the latest that you can come is 7:30am as the show starts at 9:00am. Please have your car at the Show by 7:15am.

Remember that entrants will need to tell Security at Gate A that they are displaying their car at the Show on the Amaroo Circuit pits to gain free venue entry.

When you arrive at the Amaroo circuit you need to look for any of the Special Events team: Joe Garzaniti, David Sultana, Frank Vivoda and Michael Benton who will have the vehicle placement map and they we will direct you to your place. Please be patient as we have 60 entries to place in the morning.

Entrants Shirts (which MUST be worn on the day) and goodies bag will be given out on the morning of the Show.

Just remember for members that haven’t entered before it’s all about presentation and how clean your car is, even at the hard to get at places. Displaying your car with merchandise, pictures etc. is encouraged to make it a whole presentation of the vehicle on the day. Please don’t leave unnecessary stuff in your car and in your boot, presentation is a must!

When cars are being judged please leave all the car unlocked with bonnet and boot open.

Please doesn’t approach or talk to the Judges while Judging!!

When judging your members choice award please don’t vote for your friend, as the whole idea is for you to vote for the car that appeals to you most!

Entering Additional Cars:

You may enter more than one eligible vehicle. If you have more than one eligible vehicle included in your membership, please make sure that you log in with the vehicle’s account that you want to enter. Each vehicle needs to be separately entered. There is no additional cost for more than one vehicle. Only one Event Shirt and Goodies bag per paid entry.

A coupon code may be used to process the entry of each additional car at no extra cost. Please do not use the coupon code for your first entry, only for additional entries after the first entry has been submitted. Entries using the coupon code which are not additional will have their entry cancelled and will be required to re-enter again so that an entry payment can be processed. The coupon code for additional car entries is additionalcar721 and can be applied to your Cart prior to Checkout.

Please select the right class or you may be disqualified! 

$60.00 Book ticket