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JR Fleming Stand, Rosehill Gardens Racecourse

Weekend 27th & 28th May 2023


Be part of the biggest Car Show of its kind in Australia!

The HSVOC Super Show is being held in conjunction with the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo in a luxurious, air-conditioned and carpeted indoor setting.

Click on thumbnail images above to see our display area.

Points gained at the Super Show will go towards our 2023 Club’s Muscle Car Show Championship, the 2023 winners to be announced at the Gala Presentation Dinner in November 2023.

We will be judging our Club’s cars for this Championship as per our normal Muscle Car Shows.

Entry is only $120.00 per vehicle, but you are welcome to pay an additional $20.00 judging fee to have your car judged by the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo judges and be eligible for their awards as well.

The Club display is STRICTLY LIMITED to 55 cars indoors and 6 cars under cover outdoors. These spaces will be allocated on a first-in basis. Enter early to ensure that you don’t miss out on this incredible event!

It will be held over 2 days, with HSVOC vehicle bump-in 5:00pm on Friday 26th. Entrants receive two weekend entry and bump in passes, a Goodies Bag and an Expo T-Shirt. Power (10 amp) is available for an additional $15.00 per vehicle.

We have booked several tables at the Rose Hill Bowling Club for the After-Show Party from 5:00pm Saturday night. Please indicate in your online entry below how many places you would like reserved for you and your guests from this table booking if you want to wine and dine.

Our Club will be awarding it’s own Muscle Car Championship trophies for this event at 11:00am Sunday morning. Bump out will be from 5:00pm Sunday evening.

Additional day passes are available at the event – $30 adults, $25 pension card, $20 student 17+ with ID, $10 child 5-16 years, family $70 (2 adults & 2 children). Adult weekend pass $50. General Parking in P2, P3 & P4.

Deadline for entries is Friday March 17th, 2023.


How To Enter:

  1. Make sure that you have logged in to your account on this website.
    If you have more than one eligible vehicle, make sure that you have logged in with the account that has this vehicle listed.
  2. Complete the Club Super Show entry information below and click on “Book Ticket” to add your entry to the Cart.
  3. Check your information in your Cart and then proceed to Checkout.
  4. Now that you have entered the Club Display, please click here to download the Official Hot Rod & Custom Entrant Application form.
  5. Print, complete and sign the Entrant Application form as required. Please check to see that you have not missed out any information as this will affect your application. You don’t need to pay the $20 judging cost (unless you want to be judged by Hot Rod & Custom Expo as well) as the Club will do our own judging on Saturday and our own award presentation at 11.00am Sunday morning.
  6. Scan the competed form and email it to info@hotrodandcustom.com.au,  making sure that you include a digital photo of your car with your application as required.
  7. Entry cost is $120.00 and includes a goodies bag, a free T-shirt and two bump in and weekend passes, one for you and 1 other. You will receive a Tax Invoice a few days later confirming your entry once it has been processed.


Remember, this is a TWO ENTRY process. To enter you must:
(1) Enter the HSVOC Show online below AND
(2) Enter the Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo by clicking here to download & complete the HR&CAE Entry form.



at the Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo

JR Fleming Stand, Rosehill Gardens Racecourse

Weekend 27th & 28th May 2023

All vehicles will be judged by Club appointed independent judges for Club trophies. Entrants may pay an additional $20.00 to be judged for Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo trophies.

Vehicle Judging Class:

Please select the right class or you may be disqualified! 
Elite: Cars that have averaged less than 5,000km pa from their build date to the show date, including current series models with less than 5,000km.
Classic: Classic cars are HDT or HSV Cars that have a build plate dated before 2000 regardless of kilometres.
Show n Shine: In these class cars must have averaged between 5,000km & 10,000km per annum from their build date to the show date.
Daily Driven: Cars entering this class must have averaged over 10,000km per annum from their build date to the show date.
Modified: This is an optional class for cars with at least 3 significant modifications, e.g. Forced Induction, custom paint, major motor or interior mods. Cars in this class will be judged against other modified class cars only regardless of kilometres.
Motorsport: Cars entering this class must have competed in at least 2 of our Club motorsport events during the previous and current show year. Cars in this class will be judged against other motorsport cars regardless of kilometres only and are not required to be eligible vehicles (eg HDT or HSV).

Conditions of Entry

All entrants must comply with the conditions of entry contained in the Official Entrant Application. Once your car has been bumped in on the Friday, it will not be able to be moved until 5:00pm Sunday.

The car is to be clean and tidy and well presented. It should be displayed to the best of your ability and reflect the quality of the car, the Club and the Show’s sponsors. Vehicles must be currently listed in the Club’s Membership Register as being an eligible vehicle. Click here to see the Rules and Judging Criteria for Judged Car Shows. To be eligible for trophies, entrants must wear their red Club Polo shirt on the Sunday. Club Show judging will be by independent judges and judging decisions are final and not open to appeal. Entrants will be provided a space of 3m x 6m for their display, the location of which is decided by the event organisers and displays must be limited to within this allocated area. The $120.00 fee is for each car that you enter, the usual additional car discount does not apply at this event.


Friday 5:00pm – Bump In and vehicle preparation. Closes 9:00pm (Don’t forget your fluoro safety shirts or vests and drip trays)

Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm – Judging by both HSVOC judges and Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo judges.

Saturday from 5:00pm – After Show Party at Rosehill Bowling Club, corner of James Ruse Drive and Hassall Street. Tables have been booked by the HSVOC. There is no entry fee but you need to confirm the number of places on these tables that you will require in your online entry if you want to wine and dine.

Sunday 11:00am – HSVOC Trophy Presentation JR Fleming Stand

Sunday 1:00pm – Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo Trophy Presentation JR Fleming Stand

Sunday 5:00pm – Bump Out (Don’t forget your fluoro safety shirts or vests)

Bump in & Bump out Conditions

Every person must wear covered footwear and a fluoro safety vest or fluoro safety shirt during bump in and bump out. No vest no entry on Friday.
No children under the age of 16 years are permitted during bump in and bump out periods.
All electric equipment must have a current test tag.
No alcohol is permitted in the building during bump in and bump out periods.
A responsible person must walk in front a moving vehicle, clearing the way.
All entrants are responsible for any damage caused to the floor, buildings or surroundings.
A drip tray or waterproof floor covering MUST be under your motor & gearbox to protect the venue carpet.

About the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo

On the last weekend in May, the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo will get underway at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. The largest show of its kind in NSW, the prestigious event is a melting pot of Sydney’s car culture, combining stunning elite level hot rods and street machines with the underground lowrider and kustom kulture communities. Custom motorcycles, dozens of car clubs, a trade show, outdoor car corral and entertainment for all ages also feature throughout the entire weekend.

“The show is truly an automotive cultural experience,” said event host Andy Minas, a lifelong enthusiast of hot rodding. “There are so many facets to this event. The detailing on today’s elite level show cars is mind-blowing, but there’s an entire subculture of traditional rods and customs which are also incredible in both their creativity and craftsmanship. Nostalgia Lane has become one of the most popular attractions of the weekend and is unique to this show, people come from all over the country to experience it.”

The weekend is an opportunity to look and learn, with live demonstrations targeted to the average enthusiast, and dozens of suppliers to the auto restoration and hot rod lifestyle industry. Lowrider bicycles, a pinstriping art collective and other live events create a visual feast for all ages.

At the core of every show are the grass roots guys and gals, those dedicated individuals who paw countless hours and cash into their pride and joy.

The Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo is as much about home grown hot rods and street machines as it is elite level show cars.

It’s about the people in the car clubs and the community that love the hobby as much as they love their own vehicles.

The Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo salutes Sydney’s car clubs and celebrates cool cars on all levels.

Information Sheet

Please click here to download all this information in a .pdf document.