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Nulon Nationals 2017 Round 2, 13th & 14th May 2017

Nulon Nationals 2017 Round 2

Hill Climb – Mount Panorama Bathurst



Nulon Nationals 2017 Round 2

Hill Climb – Mount Panorama Bathurst


James Connell – 1992 Nissan Silvia S13, N/A, 6588cc LS2

Theo Poteris – Holden VE SSV, N/A, 6000cc

Phillip Ryan – 1982 Nissan 280 ZX / Chev V8 N/A, 6000cc

Karen Wilson – HSV VF Senator, N/A, 6200cc

Spectators Are Come along and support our drivers!


About the Nulon Nationals

Nulon have increased the number of car clubs invited to compete in the 2017 Nulon Nationals from 10 last year to 14 in 2017 so competition has now become really intense!

New Clubs invited to join the Nulon Nationals for 2017 are Toymods Car Club (Toyota), NSW Supra Club (Forum Club), BMW Drivers Club of NSW and the Improved Production Racing Association. IPRA is a race car organisation which runs its own racing Championships so all of its competitors drive race cars, not street cars. They are going to be real tough to beat on the track oriented rounds.

The following clubs from last year’s competition were invited by Nulon to compete again in 2017: 86 & BRZ Drivers Club, Evolution Oz (Forum club), Honda Car Club of NSW, HSV Owners Club of NSW, MX-5 Club of NSW, Road and Track Drivers Club, Skylines Australia United (Forum club), Bathurst Light Car Club, Club D (European Hatches) and the WRX Owners Club of NSW.

Unfortunately the Ford Forums Club has been dropped for 2017 which is pretty sad with them being our historical competition.

There will be 4 rounds in the Series this year:

R1 – Motorkhana: Sydney Motorsport Park Skidpan,
Sunday 8th January

R2 – Hillclimb: Mount Panorama Bathurst,
Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14th May

R3 – Track Sprint: Sydney Motorsport Park GP Circuit,
Saturday 15th July

R4 – Roll Racing: Venue TBA – SMSP or Sydney Dragway.
September date to be advised.

A class system was introduced for 2016 which made things much fairer for all clubs. It also made competition much closer and exciting all through last year.

For 2017 Nulon have kept the Classes the same and the scoring simple but effective. The four classes are:

Forced Induction – 4 Wheel Drive
Forced Induction – 2 Wheel Drive
Naturally Aspirated – Under 3.4 Litres
Naturally Aspirated – Over 3.4 Litres

With 14 clubs now competing, Nulon increased the points given to the fastest 20 cars in each class (was the top 15) with 20 for 1st, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd and so on.

This means that 4WD turbos can no longer dominate an event as they used to as other vehicles can now get similar points for similar performance within their class.

The points from each driver in the club’s team are added together to give the total points scored for each team.

I will be issuing invitations to club members whom I feel will be the most competitive in each of the Nulon rounds as long as their cars fall into the “Over 3.4 litre, Naturally Aspirated” Class. This is the class where we will be the most competitive.

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