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Multi Club Track Day 7, 20th October 2018

Wakefield Park Raceway hosted by the WRX Owners Club

Spectator Entry is free!


Multi Club Track Day 7

Saturday 20th October 2018

Wakefield Park Raceway hosted by the SSCC

Spectator Entry is free!

Multi Club Track Days are hosted by the Interclub group of car clubs of which our Club is associated, and include the WRX Owners Club, NSW Road Racing Club,Southern Sporting Car Club and the Road & Track Drivers Club.

Our Club members are invited to participate in these track days which are run in a supersprint format which means its the safest form of track day for your car.

Cars are grouped with others of similar speeds and one group at a time is let out onto the track. No “racing” is allowed and neither is passing in corners or unsafe driving. This safety aspect is policed by the host club which makes the day as safe as it can be. No rat bag driving as you may find in open “speed off the streets” days.

You can drive at the speed you are most comfortable with and as you get more confidence and your skills improve you can move up into faster groups.

This is the best way to get quality “bum in seat” time and is an ideal preparation for entering into the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships which our Club bases its Motorsport Championships on.

To enter, please click on the below link of the host club and enter directly through that club.

Entries usually open around 4 weeks before the event date.

Host Club Entries:

Imprezza WRX Owners Club

NSW Road Racing Club

Southern Sporting Car Club

Road & Track Drivers Club

2018 Multi Club Track Day Dates:

Round 1, Sunday 11th February – Druitt / North (RTDC)
Round 2, Saturday 21st April – Amaroo / South (SSCC)
Round 3, Sunday 27th May – Druitt / North (NSWRRC)
Round 4, Sunday 10th June – Wakefield Park (WRX)
Round 5, Sunday 15th July– Gardner / GP (NSWRRC)
Round 6, Sunday 30th September – Amaroo / South (RTDC)
Round 7, Saturday 20th October – Wakefield Park (SSCC)