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Drive to Survive – Performance Driving Program 2, 9th June 2017

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HSVOC Members Special Price

Friday 9th June 2017



Drive to Survive – Performance Driving Program

Friday 9th June 2017

Long time HSVOC member Ian Luff is continuing to offer two of his most popular Driving Programs to Club members at special prices.

Ian’s Performance Driving Program takes ‘Performance’ driving principles to a higher level with driver awareness and skill’s significantly increased.

The one day (8 hour) program is conducted on a unique ‘road course’ which provides many combinations of straight sections and cornering. The layout is challenging, and is designed to improve a driver’s ability to react faster using increased vision and steering control techniques.

This program is mostly hands on with many different driving scenarios being simulated in your car with one on one coaching. As the key to success is repetition, drivers will achieve improvement in their driving irrespective of their experience.

Click on the “Event Details” tab above and give Ian’s office a call making sure that you ask for the HSVOC Members special price!

Please pay Ian Luff Motivation direct, no pre-payment is available through the Club website.

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Please book early as these programs are very popular and fill up quickly.