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“No Speed Limits” Day 2, 3rd June 2017

“No Speed Limits” Drive Day

Saturday 3rd June 2017

At the Marulan Dirt & Tar Circuits.

Great place to drive your street car as fast as you want to legally!

Brett Gilles of the Motorsport team is co-ordinating this day.

If you would like to have some fun at this track day please contact Brett at brettgil@iinet.net.au and he will add you to the list and send you details of the day.

Entry and payment are on the day and all you need is a helmet and a CAMS L2S or MDTC lic (MDTC can be purchased on the day for $40).

Passengers are permitted in all sessions but if not entered as a driver then passenger will be required to pay driver’s entry fee of $110.

Sign on around 0830 and the day starts at 0900 with a track walk then each driver will have been allocated to a group to suit their experience.

Usually there are around 25-30 attending so 4-5 groups and heaps of track time for all.



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“No Speed Limits” Drive Day

Saturday 3rd June 2017

At the Marulan Dirt & Tar Circuits.

Great place to drive your street car as fast as you want to legally!

Cost just $110.00


These days are focused on drivers having a fun day with their HSV’s, driving on the track as fast as they want with absolutely no speed limit. This is a great way to experience the capabilities of your HSV in a controlled, legal environment in which the safety of you and your car is paramount.

The main difference between these Drive Days and the Multi-Club Track Days are that there are fewer cars on the track at one time and that there is no lap timing – just fun driving! Drivers may be passengers in other cars, but those who want to be a passenger only will still need to pay the full $110.00 cost.


Cost: $110.00 per driver/passenger. (All passengers must complete an indemnity form and be over the age of 17 years)
Licence Fee: $40.00 driver/passenger (valid for 12 months) if not a current holder of a competition licence. (CAMS Level 2S Licence accepted). Please note you must bring your valid competition licence with you when attending or you will be required to purchase a MDTC Track Licence. All competition licences must be sighted at sign-on.
Clothing required: Long Trousers, Long Sleeved Shirt or Jumper, Helmet.
Helmet hire: Available if required – $20.00 hire fee plus $50 CASH refundable deposit.


Gates Open: 8:00am
Drivers Briefing and Track Walk: approx. 8.40am
Track Activities Commence: 9:00am and Finish 4:00pm
Cafe Facilities on-site and open from: 8:00am
Drivers are grouped for sessions: Based on levels of experience.

Entry, entry payment plus MDTC licences and helmet hire (if required) are to be paid on the day to the MDTC. Drivers and passengers will need to show their Track Licences and complete MDTC documentation at sign on before the Drivers Briefing commences.

If you plan on doing any other track days it is recommended that you apply for a CAMS L2S Licence which is accepted at all tracks nationally. Click here for more information about L2S Licences.


Just rock up on the below dates with your car and your gear. No prior payment is required.

Saturday 1st April 2017

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Saturday 2nd September 2017


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