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2018 CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship Round 3

Sydney Motorsport Park Druitt (North) circuit hosted by the NSWRRC

Spectator Entry is free!


CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship
Round 3

Sunday 17th June 2018

Sydney Motorsport Park Druitt (North) circuit hosted by the NSWRRC

Spectator Entry is free!


The CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships are “State” level events and have slightly higher scrutineering and driver skill requirements than Club and Multi-Club level events. The reward is that entrants in these Championships are are eligible to become “State Champions” in both Type and Class as well as setting official lap records at the various circuits.

Vehicles competing must either be road registered or have a CAMS log book. Competitors must be able to lap circuits less than the maximum flying lap time limits of: 2 minutes & 15 seconds (SMSP Gardner); 1 minute & 30 seconds (SMSP Druitt); 1 minute & 20 seconds (SMSP Amaroo) or 1 minute & 25 seconds (Wakefield Park).

Competitors need to register for the following year’s Series once registrations open late in November. If you aren’t a current Registrant, please click here to submit an Expression of Interest to register and an invitation to register will be emailed to you at the same time they are emailed to current registrants.

Registration is limited to the first 230 registrations accepted.

The Championship is open to a wide range of vehicles that are grouped in Classes within the below Types. For more information please go to the Competitor Information page in the CAMS NSW Supersprints website and download a copy off the SSP 03 Technical Regulations.
Type 1: Unmodified Road Registered Vehicles
Type 2: Road Registered Vehicles with Limited Modifications
Type 3: Modified Improved Production Cars
Type 4: Modified Group 2F – Prodsports
Type 5: Modified Sports Sedans and Group 2B – Prodsports
Type 6: Time Attack Cars
Type 7: Clubmans, Racing and Sports Racing Cars

The benefit of registering for these Championships is that (a) only registrants are eligible to complete in the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships; (b) registrants receive priority entry to each round (ie two weeks before general entries open) and (c) registrants receive direct Championship updates by email.

If you plan to use another vehicle other than the one that you have registered for the championship, you must lodge a Replacement Vehicle Form, which can be accessed by clicking here  if you do make a change without lodging a Replacement Vehicle Form, no points will be scored in the replacement Vehicle.

To enter, please go to the website of the host club below. Entries open to Registrants 6 weeks prior to the event and to non registrants 4 weeks prior to the event.

Host Club Websites:
Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC)
NSW Road Racing Club (NSWRRC)
MX-5 Club of NSW (MX5)
Mini Car Club of NSW (Mini)

2018 CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship Dates:

Round 1, Saturday, 3rd March – Gardner / GP (ARDC)
Round 2, Sunday 20th May – Wakefield Park (Mini)
Round 3, Sunday 17th June – Druitt / North (NSWRRC)
Round 4, Sunday 22nd July – Druitt / North (ARDC)
Round 5, Sunday 19th August – Amaroo / South (NSWRRC)
Round 6, Sunday 16th September – Wakefield Park (MX5)
Round 7, Sunday 14th October – Gardner / GP (ARDC)
Round 8, Weekend 3rd & 4th November – Australian National Championships –– Wakefield Park (NSWRRC)