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New Family Partner Membership


Family Partner Membership is available free of charge for the Partner of a Family Member.

A Family Partner Member:

  1. Is issued with a CAMS Affiliated Club Card in the Family Partners Name in addition to the CAMS Affiliated Club Card issued to the Family Member.
  2. May also book Club “Members Only” events having full access to the Club’s online booking, purchasing and payment system.
  3. Will be kept up to date by inclusion in the Club’s broadcast email communications.
  4. Does not need to renew their membership as it will remain active as long as the Family Member remains financial.

To apply for new Family Partner Membership:

New Family Members

If you are applying for a new Family Membership you don’t have to apply for a Family Partner membership as below. The option to join your partner as  Family Partner member is included in the New Family Membership online application and this will be automatically be created for your partner.

Existing Family Members

Family Partner membership is optional, but is required if the Family Partner wants any of the benefits listed above. The Family Partner MUST have a different email address to the current Family Member.

1. The Family Partner needs to have their own login account. If the Family Partner does not have an Account, please click here to register and create a new Account using a different email address for Logging in to the Family Member. Please don’t use the same email address as your current login email address as it will prevent a new Family Partner membership being created for your partner!

2. Once the Family Partner has Logged in click on “New Family Partner Membership – $0” under the “Membership” tab to return to this page.

3. Complete the Membership Application Information as required below.

4. Click on the “Add to Cart” button, then proceed to the Checkout and proceed to payment at no cost to create your new Family Partner account.


Family Members will only receive one Club “Behind the Wheel” magazine every issue and that will be mailed to the address on the Family Member’s address listed in their online Registration.

Only one Family Partner Membership per Family Member.

Family Partner Membership Application for Existing Family Members: