Full Member Renewal

Single Full Membership is for an owner of an eligible plated HSV or HDT vehicle.

$90.00$240.00 Select options

Family Membership Renewal

Family Membership will include the eligible vehicle owner’s spouse and children under 18 for only a slight additional cost. With Family Membership, all the family can enjoy the Club benefits such as discounts on Events and entry into Car Shows.

$100.00$270.00 Select options

Associate Membership Renewal

Associate Membership is available for previous full or family members who no longer own a qualifying vehicle but wish to continue their association with the Club.

$75.00$195.00 Select options

Special Associate Membership Renewal

Special Associate Membership is available to owners of other vehicles who would like to participate in Club Supersprints and/or need to be a member of a CAMS affiliated club.

$75.00$195.00 Select options