With the cessation of General Motors Holden’s local production and the change in direction that HSV has had to make
to continue their strong presence in Australia as our premier performance car manufacturer, your Club’s Committee is
proposing that we update our Club’s logo to reflect this next step in HSV’s evolution.

Our Club’s Constitution allows owners of vehicles that have either an HDT or HSV Build Plate eligibility to join our Club.
This means that owners of HSV built Camaro’s are eligible for club membership and the Committee wants a Logo that demonstrates that.

Club members will be asked whether the owners of HSV built Colorado SportsCat’s and Silverado’s should also be eligible for Club membership.

We have been in communication with the Qld, ACT, SA and WA HSV Owners Clubs and it is generally agreed that these
clubs (and ours) will continue to accept membership application from owners of vehicles that have a HDT or HSV Build
Plate. It is also generally agreed that we will include a Chev “Bow Tie” emblem within each club’s updated logo.

Below are drafts of the proposed updated Club Logo and banner which will be similar to those used in all other states except Victoria who did not want to be a part of this discussion.

Members will be emailed to vote on the acceptance of these updated graphics, to have a say in the Colorado / Silverado question and to make any comments that will assist the Committee in determining the future direction of our Club in consideration with the new product lines that HSV have introduced.