Ian Luff Defensive Driving Program

An interactive learning experience suitable for any licensed driver irrespective of experience. This defensive driver training program is a must for any driver, regardless of skill level (not suitable for learner drivers). In fact, 95% of all attendees who participate in this course can’t use the braking system fitted to their vehicle properly during an emergency simulation (as assessed by our staff). This is an essential lifesaving competency that we improve.

After completing this training you will learn the current and best practice driving techniques that drivers should know to allow them to Drive to Survive.

Key elements – ‘Driver’, ‘Vehicle’ and ‘Environment’ are broken down into individual sections linking theoretical information with practical application, demonstration, and participation.

Soft plastic safety cones are used at our closed, private venues to simulate what can happen on public roads, making our exercises very safe.

The program is relevant to the type vehicle you drive, large – small, sports car, commercial vehicles or four wheel drives. It will offer you the chance to learn in a safe and controlled environment in your own vehicle. Companies use the Drive to Survive program as a positive way to reduce fleet running costs, while meeting their obligations of WPH&S.

Our expert team of highly experienced trainers are the best available and they have your interests ate heart. They are trained to understand that individuals require different learning strategies based on their experience level, this make’s our program a thoroughly rewarding experience for all attendees.

Click on the “Event Details” tab above and give Ian’s office a call making sure that you ask for the HSVOC Members special price!

Please pay Ian Luff Motivation direct, no pre-payment is available through the Club website.

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Please book early as these programs are very popular and fill up quickly.

To make your booking, please ring Ian Luff Motivation on 9622 5424 and tell them that you are an HSV Owners Club member to get your special pricing.


22 Jun 2019


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