HSVOC/TSOA Dyno Day – Saturday 4th May 2019


Unit 17/17a Amax Ave, Girraween

This day has been organized on the Unigroup Engineering Dyno Dynamics 4WD Chassis Dyno to let you find out how many KW or HP you have at the rear wheels and how your engine is performing.

Evan and his team of technicians will host this afternoon where you will get 3 power runs in succession to whatever rev limit you nominate or until the max power has been achieved as shown by a graph on the colour TV monitor. You will receive a graphic print out of your rear wheel HP or KW, air/fuel ratio and boost pressure (if forced induction) across the rev range – all important information regarding how your engine is working.

Part of the fun is watching the power curve build on the TV monitor.

Unigroup is a small tuning house that specializes in both naturally aspirated and forced induction engines either with EFI or carbies and we know from past days they are familiar with Triumphs. After each run they will give a diagnosis of how your engine is performing and where improvements can be made.

They will be available to discuss any aspect of your engine as they remove and replace cars on the dyno. Each session will take approx 15-20 mins to load up, run and take off the dyno.

Unigroup’s website in www.unigroup.com.au so check out what they do or should you want to discuss any aspects of this day you can email me.

We have run these Dyno Days over the last 2 years with the same format. Cost is $85 and the day has a max of 24 cars. I am again inviting members from both TSOA (Triumph) and HSV Owners Clubs to bring their cars along.

If you would like to attend please email me your name and the car you will be bringing and pay the $85 entry fee into the Triumph Club a/c. If you can email me a receipt that would be good but I should be able to pick up your payment from our a/c.

BSB 032-081

A/c Name: TSOA NSW Inc

A/c No. 910909 and enter “Initial, Surname – DD” in the ref box.

I look forward to receiving your entry.

Brett Gilles

Motorsport Team HSVOC / Competition Secretary TSOA
Mob: 0410 511 630
e: brettgil@iinet.net.au

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04 May 2019


All of the day


$85.00 per car


Unigroup Engineering
Unit 17, 17A Amax Avenue, Girraween NSW 2145
Brett Gilles


Brett Gilles
0410 511 630

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