The Club first joined the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships in 1996 and became one of the host clubs for that year. We continued to run our own supersprints to base our own Club Motorsport Championship on and these Supersprints grew into the Interclub group as more Clubs joined as co-hosts in order to share the load of running their own Club Championship points system. The CAMS Championships were a Championship in their own right and held at a State level, while the Interclub competition was run at a Multi-club level.

In 2012 Motorsport Director Ian Williams decided to base our Club Motorsport Championship points system on the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships for the 2013 Championship year. That meant that our members who registered and competed in the 2013 competition would be eligible to become State Champions through the CAMS scoring and also Club Champions through our own points scoring.

This decision was forced because we simply didn’t have sufficient officials in our club to be able to continue hosting 2 rounds each year – which was an Interclub membership requirement. This meant that we had to leave Interclub at the end of 2012 as a full member. The CAMS Supersprint Championships, being State level, have slightly higher scrutineering requirements than Multi-club level supersprints. Because of this we lost several competitors whose cars could not compete in a State supersprint, mainly due to having alloy or non CAMS approved roll cages which are not permitted at a State level event. Our Club’s Motorsport Championship will now be based on results from the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships rounds, the SMSP Amaroo circuit excluded. Our members can also run in Interclub events, they just won’t earn any championship points or get priority entry like full Interclub members.

On 12th December 2013 Holden announced that it would stop manufacturing cars in Australia by the end of 2017. The club is looking forward to welcoming future HSV vehicles, most likely modified globally sourced vehicles that leverages HSV’s “Halo branding” DNA.

It was also decided that driver training was best done by professionals and the club appointed Ian Luff’s “Drive to Survive” organisation to provide the Club’s driver training programs at special club member pricing. These courses are held throughout the year nearby at the Sydney Dragway complex.

The Club won “Best Club Display” at the AmorAll V8 Supercar Auto Show at Homebush, and the building of HSV’s 75,000th vehicle, a Perfect Blue ClubSport was achieved.

Privilege Memberships were initiated with Suttons HSV Waitara and Paul Wakeling HSV Campbelltown, and the following year with Hunter HSV Ryde.

Membership levels had grown to 237 at the end of 2013 with 344 CAMS membership cards issued to members and both partners of Family members. Out of the 234 eligible vehicles in the club 30 were HDT models and 201 HSV models.

The Club Constitution which was based on the NSW Dept of Fair Trading’s Model Rules was updated to a Constitution based on these Model Rules but made more relevant to clubs like ours by the NSW Dept of Sport and Recreation. Key additions included the use of electronic communications for club notices and resolutions, documenting the responsibilities of the Club’s Public Officer and making the Club’s Code of Conduct binding on all club members. The new constitution was passed at the Annual General Meeting

Social Events: Runs to Secret Creek at Lithgow, Mount Panorama Bathurst, Wollombi Pub, Fuelarama at Newcastle foreshores, Murrays Brewery at Port Stephens, Bonnets Up Display at Hunter Valley Gardens Spring Cruze-In, Weekend Away to Bobs Shed Quirindi; Coffs Harbour Weekend Away; Kids Christmas Party and BBQ at Vickery’s Winery; and the MODE Dawn Cruise to Bald Hill Lookout at Stanwell Tops.

Special Events: Sydney Festival at Parramatta; Street Commodores Magazine Cruise for Charity; Darling Harbour / Sydney Motor Show Club Display; Top Gear Festival at SMSP; 28th All Holden Day; Club Night at Hunter Holden; Club Display at Sydney 500 V8 Supercars Homebush; Muscle Car Shows at Suttons Holden Waitara and Paul Wakeling Holden Campbelltown; Rattle n Hum Car Show at Castle Hill; Harry’s Cafe de Wheels Liverpool; Club Display at the Muscle Car Masters SMSP; Christmas Party General Meeting; Gala Dinner presentation night at the Waterview BiCentennial Park.

2013 Motorsport Champion Warwick Fuller – VR HSV ClubSport

Club Motorsport Championship: Warwick Fuller won the Phillip Walsh Memorial Motorsport Trophy, followed by Gary Nelson and Mark Halloran. Craig Donnell won the Road Holden Class, Warwick Fuller won the Race Holden Class, Gary Nelson won the Outlaw Class and Simon Lehtonen was Rookie of the Year.

CAMS NSW Supersprint Championship: Our Club had 9 registrants for 2013. In this its first year in the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships, the club had considerable success with Warwick Fuller becoming both the Sports Sedan Champion and Class 4D Champion. Other Class Champions were Gary Nelson (SVD) and Craig Donnell (2D). Craig also set class lap records on several circuits and the club was 5th out of 25 clubs in the Club Championship.

Other Motorsport: Autotech Engineering Dyno Day; Ian Luff Performance Driving Day at Sydney Dragway; CAMS Come and Try Day at SMSP; Club Come and Try Day at MDTC; Autotech / HSCOC Charity track day at Wakefield Park Raceway; Snowy Mountains 1000 Airport Sprint at Cooma; Club Drag Day at Sydney Dragway; Temora 1000 Airport Sprint; Interclub Supersprint Series; three “No Speed Limits” Drive Days at Wakefield Park; Ian Luff Driver Development programs; Club Drivers meeting at ARDC Garage 52 SMSP.

Muscle Car Show Championship 2013
Grand Champions: Joe Garzaniti (HSV), Brenton Schuback (HDT). 
Series Champions: VH Brenton Schuback, HDT VL James Stewart, HSV VL Bob Parkin, VN Steve Ball, VP Roger Whalebone, VR George Tzelepis, VS Peter Hennessy, VT Richard Blackford, VX Vic Tuckwell, VY Joe Garzaniti, VZ Steve Palmer, VE1 Grant Scalmer, VE2/3 Paul Prestidge.
Modified Champion: Grant Scalmer, MotorSport Champion: Ian Williams.
Model Champions: GTS Grant Scalmer, Senator Louie Alfonsi, Grange Greg Boyle, ClubSport Joe Garzaniti, Coupe David Sultana, Maloo Steve Palmer, VXR Louie Alfonsi.

2013 Committee: President Tony Botic, VP Anthony Alafaci, Secretary Paul Diaz, Treasurer Carlo Disaro, Public Officer Ian Williams, Membership Secretary Louie Alfonsi, Social Secretary Shannon Jackson, Special Events Director Matthew McWhirter, Motorsport Director & CAMS Delegate Ian Williams, Merchandise Co-ordinator Cy Cripps, Magazine Editor Karin Ross, Webmaster Ian Williams, Historic Vehicles Registrar Peter Hennessy.

Patrons: Peter Brock, Ryan Walkinshaw; Foundation Life Members: Warren Jenkins (Pres.), Jeff Kelly (VP), Brian Cassell (Sec.), Mark Hitchinson (Treas.), Tricia Campbell (Social Sec.), Les McClelland (Member); Life Members: Gary Benson, Robert Heard, Brett Gilles, Brian Crawford, Barry Wright, Mike Chapman, Joe Garzaniti; Honorary Members: Ian Luff, Warren Luff.

2013 Club Magazines: