The Nationals Committee voted to cancel the HDT/HSV Nationals that were to have been held over the Easter Weekend in Sydney. The reasons Included:
a) The lack of commitment from all car clubs concerned. The main problem was with the Victorian Club who had a number of events in March with the Grand Prix including a car display and a car show with significant prize money. The NSW Club received a lot of expressions of interest but not many actual payments.
b) To some people Sydney did not have the same level of venue’s (eg HSV Factory, Lang Langs etc) that Melbourne had and in turn that subsequently turned people off.
c) People from Interstate thought the distance was too far and could risk damage to their cars.
The Penrith Panthers Pavillion booking was retained and instead a Show n Shine was held there.

A new Club Logo was designed (above right) and introduced at the beginning of the year.

A “Pit Stop” newsletter was commenced in July, with editions published between magazine issues. This 4 page newsletter was designed to bring news on a more timely basis than could be done with the bi-monthly “Behind the Wheel” magazine.

HSV built their 20,000th vehicle, a Senator, in April and Peter Brock & Greg Murphy from HRT spoke at the Club’s July general meeting.

Peter Brock made history on 16th March 1997 at Round 1 of the 1997 Shell Australian Touring Car Championship at Calder with his 200th start in a Touring Car Championship round.At that date he also had other records including 3 ATCC wins (1974/78/80), 55 Pole Positions, 13 consecutive Pole positions (1979/80), 108 front row starts, 36 wins and 98 Podium finishes.

Social Events:
Drive in Night at Blacktown Drive In then Night Mystery Cruise (May), Annual Newcastle Run (May), Breakfast at the Hydro Majestic Hotel Medlow Bath and on to Bathurst (July), Annual Christmas Party at Hawkesbury Heritage Farm (December).

Special Events:
Easter Classic Show n Shine at Penrith Panthers (March), Wakefield Park Weekend Away (June), Club Meeting with Peter Brock and Greg Murphy from HRT (31st July), Club Ski Weekend (August), Australian Muscle car Run to Bathurst (September), Indy 800 Go Kart Track Day (September), Parade and Club Car Display at Bathurst 1000 Motor Show (Saturday 4th October), ACT All GM Day Club Display (October), Show n Shine at Fulton Holden Lakemba (November).

Motorsport: Driver Training Day at Oran Park (May, August, September Skid Pan & October), Drag Racing Challenge Eastern Creek (May & September), HDT/HSV Motorsport Championship – 8 Rounds.

1997 Club Motorsport Championship winners: 
Outright Champion – Bob Parkin, Type 1 Champion – Grant Charlwood, Type 2 Champion – Howard Peterson, Type 3 Champion – Bob Parkin.

Easter Classic Muscle Car Show – Penrith Panthers March 1997 
Best Show n Shine: HDT VC William Peick, HDT VH Les McClelland, HDT VK Mark Wild, HDT VL Ian Angilley, HSV VL Cos Ferreri, VN David Dimech, VP Russell Burgess, VR David Mancer, VS Wes Campbell. 
Best Concourse: Kevin Gatto (HDT), Peter Hennessy (HSV), Best Daily Driven: Jeff Lellmann (HDT), Theo Demopoulos (HSV), Best Supersprint: Peter Murray (HDT), Bob Parkin (HSV), Best Display: Stuart Quiek.

Muscle Car Show – Fulton Holden Lakemba November 1997 
Best Show n Shine: HDT VC Michael Selby, HDT VH Les McClelland, HDT VK Robert Losurdo, HDT VL Don Lane, HSV VL Cos Ferreri, VN David Dimech, VP Russell Burgess, VR Peter Georgopolous, VS Robert Fulop. 
Best Concourse: Kevin Gatto (HDT), Peter Assel (HSV), Best Daily Driven: Andrew Celeste (HDT), Joe Garzaniti (HSV), Best Supersprint: Peter Murray (HDT), Bob Parkin (HSV), Best Display: Kevin Gatto, John Harvey’s Choice: Sam Mangiapane.

1997 Committee: President Brian Crawford, VP David Wells, Secretary Michael Simone, Treasurer Wilma Wright, Public Officer Michael Simone, Membership Secretary Peter Asel, Social Secretaries Gary & Ellen Bayly, Special Events Directors Mark Higginbottom & Kevin Gatto, Motorsport Director Brett Gilles, CAMS Delegate Brett Gilles, Driver Training Director Gary Baxter, Merchandise Co-ordinator Heinz Reinhardt, Magazine Editor Hazel Wells, Magazine Photographer Peter Hennessy.

Patron: Peter Brock

1997 Club Magazines:
the 1997, 1998 and 1999 Club Magazines all had the same cover theme: