In 1996 we joined the CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships that were run under the new CAMS Speed Event rules developed by the NSW Supersprint Panel the previous year. This is a State Level event and will be open to members of CAMS Affiliated car clubs to join. This should make it more economic for all concerned as event hosting will be shared among the following clubs: MG Car Club Newcastle, NSW Road Racing Club, Manly Warringah Sporting Car Club, HDT/HSV Owners Club NSW, Australian Racing Drivers Club, Z Car Club, Mini Car Club NSW and Nissan Sporting Car Club.

This competition commenced in 1995 and was very successful with 99 registered competitors. With 8 Supersprint rounds at Eastern Creek, Wakefield Park, Oran Park and Amaroo Park planned for 1996, Brett Gilles became the Motorsport Director and CAMS Delegate with Brian Crawford replacing Brett as President. The Club also ran another 4 supersprints which, including the July CAMS round the club was hosting, were used to base our Club’s Motorsport Championship points scoring system on.

The Club’s Freecall 1800 679 781 phone number was established on 10th July, and club membership was 192 in January 1996 but grew to 280 by the end of the year. The most common cars were VK SS Group A (33), VL HSV Group A (33), VR ClubSport 185i (17), VN SS Group A (15) and VL HDT SS Group A (14).

A Committee was established with Brian Crawford as the Leader for the 1997 Nationals which were planned to be held in NSW.

The Committee bestowed Life Membership to past President Brett Gilles for services to our Club.

The one colour only VR GTS-R was released with a legendary stroker engine which, with a bore of 101.6mm and stroke of 88.4, measured 5737cc and suddenly made the five-litre the little brother of the pack. HSV was already getting a lazy 185kW at 4800rpm out of the five-litre, the stroker’s 215kW at the same revs was, at the time, a hell of a thing. The torque peak in the 5.7 litre motor was 475Nm which was way stronger than the five-litre’s 400Nm – both at 3600rpm

Social Events:
4th Annual Newcastle Run (July), Breakfast at the Hydro Majestic Hotel Medlow Bath and on to Bathurst (August), Muscle Car run to Bathurst 1000 including a Street Parade through Bathurst (October), Club Christmas Party at Stuart Park Wollongong (November).

Special Events:
Club Display at 6th Annual NSW V8 Holden Club Show n Shine at the Wentworth Hotel Flemington (March), Show n Shine at Meguiars Bell Tower Auburn (May), Annual Show n Shine Sundells Holden Gordon (November).

1996 Club Motorsport Championship winners were:  Dallas Newlands (Club Supersprint Champion) followed by Stephen Kent and Bob Parkin, David Dimech (Type 1), Stephen Kent (Type 2), Bob Parkin (Type 3), Felicity Stubbs (Ladies Points Score).

Driver Training Eastern Creek Skid Pan (March), HDT/HSV Drag Racing Challenge Eastern Creek (April & November), Driver Training Wakefield Park (May), Driver Training Oran Park North & Skid Pan (July), Club Supersprint Championships – 5 Rounds (Amaroo Park x 2, Oran Park x 2, Wakefield park x 2 & Eastern Creek x 2).

Meguiars Show n Shine Car Show Auburn 1996 Winners 
Best Show n Shine: HDT VC Denis Arcuri, HDT VK Mark Phillips, HDT VL Chris Kolokoulsas, HSV VL Vince Villarosa, VN David Dimech, VP Russell Burgess, VR David Mancer, VS Theo Demopoulos. 
Best Daily Driven: Jim Halmet (HDT), Tania Simone (HSV), Entrants Choice: Matthew Holt.

1996 Committee: President Brian Crawford, VP vacant, Secretary Gary Baxter, Treasurer David Stubbs, Public Officer Gary Baxter, Membership Secretary Peter Assel, Social Secretaries Michael & Tania Simone, Special Events Directors Mark Higginbottom & Kevin Gatto, Motorsport Director Brett Gilles, CAMS Delegate Brett Gilles, Driver Training Director Gary Baxter, Merchandise Co-ordinator Heinz Reinhardt, Magazine Editor Gary & Ellen Bayly, Magazine Photographer Peter Hennessy, Nationals 1997 Officer Brian Crawford.

Patron: Peter Brock

1996 Club Magazines:
The 1995 and 1996 Club Magazines both had the same cover theme: