There was heavy debate throughout 1995 on the admission of “Post Brock” HDT vehicles. Peter Laszlo and Howard Peterson wrote letters published in the October/November edition of the Club’s magazine both putting strong cases to continue with the precept that HDT membership ended with the closure of Brocks organisation in 1987. The concern expressed was that subsequent owners of the HDT name have produced some very ordinary vehicles that were not in keeping with the heritage that the Brock organisation had built. Discussions started in earnest at the September General Meeting and it was agreed to finalise discussions and vote on this subject at the Annual General Meeting. Resultant discussion and voting at the AGM resulted in Post Brock era vehicles not being eligible for club membership.

The first HDT/HSV Nationals since 1989 were held in Melbourne over Easter 1995 with lap dashes at Sandown, a tour of Lang Lang, a tour of HSV and Lindsay Fox’s car collection, a National’s Concourse, social events and presentations.

CAMS was incorporated earlier in the year and Brett Gilles was appointed Chair of the NSW Club Motor Sport Advisory Panel, the main area of responsibility being Club Speed Events. The Panel’s first major task was to review the Type 1, 2, 3 & 4 Regulations so that Clubs have a “common denominator” to work with. These regulations mirror those that our Club currently uses but with some detail changes in areas such as tyres that were required to keep up with the advances in technology.

The first CAMS NSW Supersprint Championships commenced in 1995 with 9 Rounds hosted by one of the following CAMS Affiliated Car Clubs: MG Car Club Newcastle, NSW Road Racing Club, Manly Warringah Sporting Car Club, HDT/HSV Owners Club NSW, Australian Racing Drivers Club, Z Car Club, Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Mini Car Club NSW and North Shore Sporting Car Club. This series has been in existence for a number of years with varying degrees of success, previously known as SECA. Members were encouraged to register for these Championships which were run in addition to our own Supersprint events.

Membership Secretary Peter Folley (38 years old) passed away on Thursday 18th May 1995 after suffering a massive heart attack he died in his sleep. Peter’s funeral was held in his home town of Melbourne on 24th May

Social Events:
Sunday drive to Bathurst Touring Car Round with Club Display in Harris Park (March), Water Ski Day (April), Cryptic Trial (May), Wiseman’s Ferry run (June), Annual early morning run to Newcastle (August), Breakfast at the Hydro Majestic Hotel Medlow Bath and on to Bathurst (August), Muscle Car run to Bathurst (September), Night Out and Show at the Burning Log Dural (November), Club Christmas Party at Stephen Kents place Windsor (November).

Special Events:
Club Meeting at Roman Autotek Rhodes with Wayne Gardner, Neil Crompton and Bob Roman Guest Speakers (April), HDT/HSV Nationals Victoria (14-17 April), Dyno Day CEEMAC Automotive Mortdale (May), Weekend Away at Goulburn/Wakefield Park (July), Cryptic Trial to Berrima (August), Peter Brock Testimonial Dinner at the Earth Exchange The Rocks Sydney (4th August), Newcastle Early Morning Run (September), Show n Shine and Family Day at Sundells Motors Gordon in the Service Dept (November).

1995 Club Motorsport Championship winners were:  David Dimech (Type 1), Stephen McLaine (Type 2), Gary Claydon (Type 3), Coleen Claydon (Ladies Points Score), Felicity Stubbs (Juniors).

Driver Training Day Oran Park Skid Pan (February), Driver Training Day Amaroo Park (April), Driver Training Wakefield Park (July), Club Supersprints – 5 Rounds.

Sundell Motors Chatswood Show n Shine 1995 Winners 
Best Overall: Mark Higginbottom (1st), Randall King & Theo Demopoulos (2nd) & coral Helmrich (3rd).
Best HDT: Kevin Gatto & Joy Smith (1st), Mark Phillips (2nd) & Matthew Holt (3rd).
Best HSV: Mark Higginbottom (1st), Theo Demopoulos & Randall King (2nd) & Coral Helrich (3rd).
Best Concourse: Theo Portous.

1995 Committee: President Brett Gilles, VP Brian Crawford, Secretary Gary Baxter, Treasurer David Stubbs, Public Officer Gary Baxter, Membership Secretary Peter Folley (deceased) then Ellen Bayly, Social Secretaries Collen Claydon & Kris Green, Special Events Director Vince Finocciaro, Motorsport Director Barry Smith, CAMS Delegate Brett Gilles, Merchandise Co-ordinator Heinz Reinhardt, Magazine Editor Gary & Ellen Bayly, Magazine Photographer Peter Hennessy.

Patron: Peter Brock

1995 Club Magazines:
The 1995 and 1996 Club Magazines both had the same cover theme: