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In 1991, with 30% of the members owning HSV’s, members at the April monthly meeting voted to change the name of the club to HDT/HSV Owners Club of NSW and for the Club to become incorporated. The main reason for this was to obtain better exposure of the Club through both HSV and its Dealer network.

Accordingly, a new Constitution was approved by members and CAMS, and the Club was incorporated on 26th June changing its name to HDT/HSV Owners Club of NSW Incorporated.

The new Constitution now allowed HSV Owners to become full members rather than Associate Members. Owners of any genuine build plated Brock era HDT or HSV were now permitted to apply for full membership of the club whether their vehicle was Commodore based or not.

In June 1991, after little more than 3 years of operation, HSV celebrated the building it’s 5,000th car, a VN SV T-30 which was the forerunner of the ClubSport.

One of the rarest variants was the SV Top 30, a limited edition car only made available to the best selling HSV dealers in Australia, with all 30 examples completed in Alpine White paintwork.

Based on the 180kw SS and featuring an SV89 body kit with special SV T-30 badges, each car was given a dash plaque featuring the name of the dealer and came with full leather upholstery in grey with red piping, a black Momo leather steering wheel, an electric glass sunroof and a premium Sansui CD player. Mechanical changes included a dual exhaust system, cold air intake, high flow air cleaner, 85-litre fuel tank, revised engine management, recalibrated automatic transmission (with overdrive engagement raised to 80 km/h), uprated suspension, a limited slip diff and special alloy wheels shod with Pirelli P700 rubber.

Each dealer was reportedly required to keep the car in stock for at least three months before selling and the build number corresponded to the dealer’s sales performance for the previous year. A second batch of cars, based on the Series 2 VN Berlina, was scheduled for production in June-July 1991 but only ten cars were completed due to the recession, all in two-tone blue. With so few made and very little documentation, the SV T-30 is one of the least known HSV Commodores but for those who know, the surviving examples offer exceptional value for money.

A new Club logo (above) was designed by club member Peter Mecklem in “Malboro Red and Black” and the club newsletter was replaced by a club magazine with coloured cover.

Social Events:

Special Events:

1991 Club Motorsport Championship winners were:  Jim Neville (Type 1 Champion), Glenn Buckley (Type 2 Champion), Rob Heard (Type 3 Champion), Collen Claydon (Ladies Champion), Tyler Mecklem (Junior Champion).


1991 Show n Shine Winners: 

1991 Committee: President Brett Gilles, VP Brian Crawford, Secretary Peter Beswick, Treasurer Hugh Rees, Public Officer Peter Beswick, Membership Secretary Peter Folley, Social Secretaries Collen Claydon & Kris Green, Special Events Director Vince Finocciaro, Motorsport Director Barry Smith, CAMS Delegate Stephen Kent, Merchandise Co-ordinator Heinz Reinhardt, Magazine Editor Gary Bayly & Ellen Bryce, Magazine Photographer Peter Hennessy.

Missing Information: Missing Information: We do not have copies of Club magazines from 1991. If members have copies of these magazines please contact so that the information in this section can be updated.