The biggest news for 1989 was Holden’s decision to reintroduce the V8 after it was phased out a year or so beforehand. The old 122kW Holden V8 had remained virtually unchanged since 1969 and now with an injected 165kW upgrade option for the VN it had 35% more power and 19% more torque.

The 1989 Nationals were held in Qld with the Concourse on the Gold Coast and motorsport at Lakeside Raceway.

At the February meeting it was resolved that owners of HSV built SS Group A cars may become Associate Members of the club and that existing full members who sell their cars are also eligible for Associate Membership.

Members competing in the Club’s Motorsport Championship not driving Brock HDT’s or HSV Group A’s were allowed to accumulate 75% of their points towards the Club Championship.

Brett Gilles and his wife Marilyn joined the club with their HSV VL Group A in March and John Harvey of HSV was special guest at the Club’s June meeting.

Social Events:
Early morning run to Gosford Reptile Park (March), Club Display at HSV Nationals in Brisbane (March), Early morning run to Zig Zag Railway (April), Run to Jenolan Caves (April), Weekend Away at Canberra (May), Night Out at Dirty Dicks (June), Early morning run down the South Coast & Southern Highlands starting at the National Park Audley (June), Hunter Valley Weekend Away (July), Early morning run north (August), Weekend Away to Berrabangalo Qld (September), Annual Muscle Car Run to the “Top of the Mountain” Mount Panorama Bathurst (October), Early morning run and Cryptic Trial (October), Early morning run (December).

1989 Club Motorsport Championship winners were:  Jim Neville (Type 1 Champion), Glenn Buckley (Type 2 Champion), Rob Heard (Type 3 Champion), Collen Claydon (Ladies Champion), Tyler Mecklem (Junior Champion).

Track sprints at Lakeside Qld (Qld Nationals March), Driver Training Day at Amaroo Park (April & September), Bathurst Drags (Sat) & Hillclimb (Sun) (November), Club Championship track Days – 5.

1989 Committee: President Jeff Kelly, VP Chris Stott, Secretary Brian Cassell, Treasurer Gary Benson, Social Secretary Tricia Kelly, Sporting Secretary Mark Nagy, CAMS Delegate Mark van Gendt, Wollongong Contact Wally Cardillo.

1989 Club Magazines:
The 1989 Club Magazines were in a Newsletter format as below:

Missing Information: Missing Information: We do not have copies of Club magazines from July to December 1989 inclusive. If members have copies of these magazines please contact so that the information in this section can be updated.