The HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc. HDT) Inc. has been an affiliated sporting car club with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) since 1986. There are currently over 500 clubs affiliated with CAMS which itself is the delegated Australian national sporting authority by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

CAMS car club affiliation means that our club is covered by CAMS Public and Product Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances, volunteer worker cover as well as social event and motorsport event coverage. Our Committee also takes out extra Association Officers Liability insurance to protect its Committee members.

Drivers who want to compete in an event which is run under a CAMS permit need to be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club as well as having the appropriate level of CAMS competition licence. Our Club competes in CAMS permitted events and members receive a CAMS Affiliated Car Club Membership Card corresponding with their Club membership period to enable entry into such events.

CAMS also provides free training courses for Officials and Volunteers to be accredited under the National Officiating Program which is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission. Members are encouraged to attend motorsport events and take up the free training in areas that they prefer. These include Flag Marshalling, Scrutineering, Administration, Race Control, Grid Marshalling and Stewarding. The benefit of having accreditation in any of these areas is that you can get close to the action at events such a Supercars and Muscle Car Masters as well as the State Supersprint Championships – and for free! For more information on how to go about this please contact either the Club’s Motorsport Director or CAMS Delegate.

The Club is represented in the CAMS State Council by the Club’s CAMS Delegate who has voting rights which have been conferred to the Club. Club members are welcome to attend CAMS State Council Meetings which are held four times a year the the CAMS NSW Offices in Sporting House, 8 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park. If you wish to attend please let the CAMS Delegate know so that access to the secure building can be arranged.

The CAMS State Council Executive conducts business on the behalf of the CAMS State Council, and the members of this Executive are elected by member clubs. Currently our Club’s CAMS Delegate, Ian Williams is a member of the CAMS State Council Executive which gives our club both a presence and a voice at this senior level.

The CAMS State Council Executive also appoints the Chairs of the following motorsport Panels: Autotest, Hillclimb, Off Road, Officials, Race, Rally, Scrutiny, Stewards and Supersprint. Our Club has had a representative on the CAMS NSW Supersprint Panel since its inception initially Brett Gilles and then in 2014 Ian Williams who is the current Panel Chair.

The Chair of each Panel reports to the CAMS NSW State Council Executive to ensure that each of these motorsport disciplines are conducted in a coordinated manner and in accordance with CAMS / FIA requirements. The main purpose of each Panel is to provide advice and support to CAMS and the State Council on an area of particular knowledge and to set the framework and regulations for their discipline’s State Championships.

For more information about CAMS please visit the CAMS NSW Supersprint website or the CAMS website.