Our Club motto is “We Drive Excitement” and to us the word “Motorsport” does not only mean car racing, it means “driving excitement”!

We are a car club, and more importantly a car club based on ownership of high performance vehicles specifically manufactured for the purpose. Our Club offers its members the below wide range of “Motorsport” activities because members have different cars, different interests and different skill levels, and we try to ensure that the family can be involved in most of these great driving activities.

Benefits of Participating in Motorsport

Motorsport isn’t just about having fun and getting that adrenaline pumping, it actually benefits your health too, from boosting concentration to increasing strength. So here’s a how’s and whys of how Motorsport has its health advantages.


Motorsport is all in the arms and your biceps and triceps get a work out during enthusiastic driving. Regular Motorsport will help strengthen and tone these muscles.


Motorsport is all about testing your reflexes and tracks are designed to keep you on your toes – knowing when and where to turn, accelerate and brake.


When you’re behind the steering wheel, focus and concentration is vital. You need to be alert at all times, this is great for sharpening the mind. It’s also a great way for letting go of any worries and anxiety.


Motorsport can assist with building confidence. Learning to drive at speed and posting best lap times provides a huge sense of accomplishment therefore boosting confidence levels. This newfound confidence can then be transferred and applied to other tasks and activities.

Oxygen flow

Extreme sports such as Motorsport release adrenaline which can help dilate blood vessels and increase oxygen flow. This assists circulation and helps you feel invigorated.

Life skills

Motorsport can assist greatly with life skills, here your solely in control of the vehicle and everything you do matters. Motorsport aids with learning responsibility, judgement, decision making and problem solving.

How to Get Started

The HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc. HDT) is a Motorsport Australia Affiliated Car Club and as such any financial club member  may participate in any of the club’s Motorsport activities.

Most of the Motorsport activities require a competition licence. Sometimes you can purchase a one day licence for an event but if you plan to have a few runs through the year it’s best to apply for a Motorsport Australia Speed licence. It’s easy to apply for, please click here to download an application form which contains all the relevant information.

No Speed Limit Drive Days

These days are focused on drivers having a fun day with their HSV’s, driving on the new Pheasant Wood Circuit at Marulan NSW (previously MDTC) as fast as they want with absolutely no speed limit. This is a great way to experience the capabilities of your HSV in a controlled, legal environment in which the safety of you and your car is paramount.

The main difference between these Drive Days and the Multi-Club Track Days are that there are fewer cars on the track at one time and that there is no lap timing – just fun driving! Drivers may be passengers in other cars, but those who want to be a passenger only will still need to pay the full $150.00 cost.


Cost: $150.00 per driver/passenger. (All passengers must complete an indemnity form and be over the age of 17 years)
Licence Fee: $50.00 driver/passenger (valid for 12 months) if not a current holder of a competition licence. (Motorsport Australia Speed Licence accepted). Please note you must bring your valid competition licence with you when attending or you will be required to purchase a Pheasant Wood Circuit Track Licence. All competition licences must be sighted at sign-on.
Clothing required: Long Trousers, Long Sleeved Shirt or Jumper, Helmet.
Helmet hire: Available if required – $20.00 hire fee plus $50 CASH refundable deposit.


Gates Open: 8:00am
Drivers Briefing and Track Walk: approx. 8.40am
Track Activities Commence: 9:00am and Finish 4:00pm
Cafe Facilities on-site and open from: 8:00am
Drivers are grouped for sessions: Based on levels of experience.


Entry payment plus Pheasant Wood Circuit licences and helmet hire (if required) are to be paid on the day to the Pheasant Wood Circuit. Drivers and passengers will need to show their Track Licences and complete Pheasant Wood Circuit documentation at sign on before the Drivers Briefing commences.

If you plan on doing any other track days it is recommended that you apply for a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence which is accepted at all tracks nationally. Click here for more information about Motorsport Australia Speed Licences.


The dates for these Days are contained in our Club Magazine Behind the Wheel.

Just rock up on the below dates with your car and your gear. No prior booking or payment required.

Multi-Club Track Days

Many members want to take their cars out much more often than with our Drive Days so we have an arrangement for our club members to run with the InterClub Track Days.

These days are run on a very similar format to our Drive Days. They do include orientation laps for first timers on each of the various circuits.

Clubs that host these Track Days as the InterClub Group are the:

NSW Impreza WRX Club
NSW Road Racing Club
Southern Sporting Car Club
Road & Track Drivers Club

The circuits utilised are Wakefield Park Raceway and the North, South, GP and Brabham circuits of Sydney Motorsport Park.

Many of the people who enter our Drive Days also run on these days too, so you soon get to know a circle of friends maybe with similar cars that you all share experiences with.

If you are interested in running in any of these events, please click on the host club link above for the entry information. Entries usually open around 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event.

About Supersprinting

Supersprinting is an entry point into track motorsport. The aim of Supersprinting is to give people the opportunity to drive their road registered vehicle on a race circuit under conditions similar to a motor race, with the exception that “racing” isn’t allowed so the risk of vehicle damage is quite small.

Supersprinting enables participation in motor sport at the lowest cost level. The cost involved is minimised by focusing the rules of Supersprinting around road registered vehicles and requiring only the minimal adjustments needed to road registered vehicles for safety reasons.

Many drivers find it preferable to build a dedicated supersprint car with a roll cage etc and trailer it to each meeting. If you plan to do this, please check the rules for each class first by contacting the Motorsport Director.

In a supersprint each competitor’s aim is to set the fastest lap time compared to other cars in the same class as the competitor’s vehicle. In short, each competitor is “racing against the clock” rather than racing against the other cars on the track.

Competitors are grouped by similar lap times. The number of cars in a group that goes out on the circuit at any one time varies depending on the length of the circuit and the lap speed of the Group.

HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc. HDT) participates in the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championships from which points are gained toward the Clubs Motorsport Championship each year. The benefit of these Championships is they provide competition at a State level and members can compete for a State Championship in their particular class if they wish to do so. Members can also set official State Records at the various tracks where they compete.

Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championships

Whilst our Multi-Club Track Days are based on a supersprint format, they are not competitive other than in terms of trying to improve your own personal best lap time.

For drivers who want the challenge of competition and the camaraderie of being with a great group of drivers from our Club, competing in the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championships is the answer.

The Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship Series are “State” level events and has slightly higher scrutineering requirements than Multi-Club level events and Club Drive Days. The reward is that entrants in this series are eligible to become “State Champions” in both Type and Class as well as setting official lap records at the various circuits.

Members need to register for the following year’s Series once registrations open late in November. Registration details will be forwarded to Members immediately they become available. Registrants are emailed direct by the club hosting each round with entry documentation, and are eligible for our Club’s Supersprint Championship as well as the Motorsport Australia NSW Supersprint Championship.

For more information on Motorsport Australia Supersprinting please click here.

Hill Climbs

The HSV Owners Club encourages members who wish to participate in Hill Climbs to join in the Multi Club events that are organised by the Wollongong Sporting Car Club on the Huntley Hill situated on Avondale Road, West Dapto NSW. At Huntley there are no cliques, just friendly people who don’t take the competition too seriously. The way fair dinkum grass roots entry level club motorsport should be.

Entrants compete in 6 categories depending on the type of vehicle and the extent of modifications and all these have different classes for different engine capacities. Everything is catered for, from shopping trolleys to Formula 1.

For information on Huntley Hill Climbs please click here.

Drag Days

Club Drag Day’s are held in conjunction with the Sunday Street Meets at Sydney Dragway. The day is run under ANDRA regulations that have been structured to ensure competitor, spectator and track staff safety. This is a great opportunity to race your mates! Time slips talk, bull dust walks!!

Make your entry direct with Sydney Dragway and meet the HSVOC guys and gals out there on the day.


Adults $20, kids 12-16 $10, under 12 free. Spectator gates open 5:00pm.


Competitor gate opens at 4:30pm.
Entry fee $60 (and includes a 1 day licence). Pay at the competitor entry gate (adjacent to SMSP Gate A) then go and park your car and take all loose items out and make it ready for scrutineering. Make sure your helmet is in the car.
Then walk down to the scrutineering shed with your entry form and drivers licence.
Fill out your entry form and go to the registration desk. Note that there will be a queue for Drivers and another for Pit Crew, join the Drivers queue. You will be given a wrist band and scrutineering sheet.
Drive your car around to scrutineering, and get in the 1st queue on the left. That will put you over the scales.
Tell the scrutineer staff that you are with the HSV Owners Club and could you please be placed in the booked HSV Owners Club Lane.
Scrutineering is from 5:00pm until 8:00pm on Wednesday nights (unless 220 vehicle quota filled beforehand)
Hand your scrutineering sheet to the scrutineer. They will check your helmet and under your bonnet – so pop that too.
When you have been scrutineered, ask the scrutineer to tell you your cars all-up weight (including you) from the scales you are on, and take note of this weight.
Drive straight around and line up in the Club lane that has been assigned. (The lane number will be written on your windscreen as well as your race number in liquid chalk). You will meet other club members in that lane.
Racing is from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Burnout comp starts at 9:00pm.
When you get home you can enter your all-up weight and best terminal speed into the horsepower calculator below and it will calculate your rear wheel horsepower!

Important items for competitors to bring:
– Current drivers licence (or proof you have held one)
– An Approved Helmet (AS/NZS 1698)
– Long-sleeved shirt
– Long pants
– Enclosed shoes (no thongs or sandals)

Roll Racing

What is Roll Racing?

Roll Racing is the latest form of Motorsport event to hit Australia, catering for a recreational Motorsport customer who likes to drive their car and have fun in a safe and controlled environment without the fear of being busted on the street.

The concept is that you race another vehicle from a rolling start of around 50 kph. You set off from the marshaling point and in the first area before the lights you get up to 50 kph, once the lights turn from orange to green you race along the front straight to the finish line about 250 metres away to see who has the quickest car, then you can return back to the marshaling area and you can race someone else and keep going all night.

The secret to Roll Racing is not to have the most HP, biggest tyre or fattest wallet (although all those things help) it’s to have a well set up car that car get the power to the ground and use it correctly. Roll Racing is open to all types of vehicles from domestics, imports and super cars all battling it out under lights to see who really has a fast car.

The track starts as an open track were you can keep coming back and lining someone else up to have another run. Towards the end of the night around 9.45 to 10.00 pm an eliminator is run to see which car is the fastest on the night and invite the 2 fastest cars in the final back for the next event where they will receive the VIP package and be given garage 1 & 2 so everyone knows they are the ones to beat.

The number of Roll Racing entries is limited to 150 per night to ensure that everyone gets as many runs as possible.

How do I enter?

You can enter as a spectator or a competitor and its best to enter online via the link below.

Roll Racing is usually held on one Friday night each month at Sydney Motorsport Park commencing at 6:00pm.

There will be 15 events in 2019 so keep a close lookout on the Roll Racing Calendar.

If you are entering, you will need to book your entry ticket on line, between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on the Friday night of the previous Roll Racing event.

Entries will fill up on that night so if you want to enter, you must be quick and enter as close to 8:00pm as you can!

To do this, go to www.rollracing.com.au and click on Sydney Event, and the event date.

Entry without carport or garage is $65 plus you will need a racers licence for the night at $20.

Spectators are $15 if booked on line or $20 at the gate and all runs can be passenger sessions.

Drivers can passenger for free but spectators will need to sign an indemnity and pay an extra $20 on the night.

If entering please advise Brett Gilles 0410 511 630 who will co-ordinate HSVOC members on the night so we are there as a team for a lot of fun.

Any questions please contact Brett Gilles, 0410 511 630 or email brettgil@iinet.net.au

Go Karting

The Club organises Go Kart Days at Luddenham Raceway in which Club Members can drive as fast as they want in a safe and controlled environment. Recognition is give for the fastest lap times of the day from our group. Its also a great way to teach your teenager the basics of driving and car control so under 18’s are encouraged.

Not only is racing at a go kart track a great time, but it’s also a great learning experience for kids and teens. Go karting can help kids practice their driving skills before they hit the highway. When racing on a go kart track, they learn the basic skills for driving in a safe environment including how to steer, brake, and change lanes. Studies show that driving also increases motor skills and improves reflexes. What better way to learn the rules of the road than by practicing without all of the dangers of the road. Maneuvering a go kart can also help your child learn to pay attention to their surroundings while driving.

Go karting is a great bonding experience for parents and children that also helps to keep them active.

What do I need to bring?

All drivers must wear ENCLOSED shoes (sneakers or similar).
All drivers must ensure that they do not wear loose or flowing clothing e.g. scarves / long dresses or cardigans, as such attire is not permitted as it poses a hazard whilst you drive.
Government issued Photo Identification must be presented by all drivers over 18. The following are acceptable forms of ID:
Australian Driver’s Licence
Australian Photo Identification Card
No other forms of Photo Identification will be accepted.

Under 18?

If you are under 18 you must have a Parent or Legal Guardian accompany you, they will check you in and present one of the above listed forms of Government issued Photo Identification.

Without a Parent or Legal Guardian, accompanying you and checking you in, you will not be permitted to participate.

Please note in some instances a Passport and or Birth Certificate may be required to be presented if there are doubts about the age of a minor being checked in by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Motorsport Volunteer Officials

There are also other ways to enjoy Motorsport with the Club without driving your car! The best way is to volunteer to help at a Track Day or Supersprint. This way you get a trackside seat, a free lunch and a fun day of involvement. No experience is necessary as helpers will be provided with guidance and supervision on the day. By helping out at Supersprints you can also qualify for a Motorsport Australia Officials Licence which you will need if you want to volunteer at major events such as the V8 Supercars or Muscle Car Masters.

More Information

For more information about what you can get out of our club’s Motorsport Program whether it be as a driver or a volunteer official please contact one of the Motorsport Team:

Motorsport Director: Paul Van Neijenhoff 0412 477 125

Assistant: Ian Williams 0419 666 236

Assistant: Brett Gilles 0410 511 630